5 Mar 2013

Chanel 1932: so what is it actually like?

Quick update.

I had so so wanted to like this stuff.

Released on Friday last in the Chanel boutique in Brown Thomas Dublin as part of the Les Exclusifs de Chanel range, 1932 is an EDT and costs a whopping €130 for a 200ml bottle.

So it's most certainly not inexpensive.

It's supposed to be a Fruity/Floral/Woody scent.  Top notes are supposed to be grapefruit and neroli.  Mid notes, iris, rose and jasmine.  Base notes, musk, sandlewood, vetiver.

It was supposed to be my "perfect" perfume, encompassing all the notes that I (a) like (b) can handle without winding up with a pounding migraine.  Two simple criteria for perfume selection for me!

I managed to get a sample of it from the Chanel boutique to try out, and I was quite excited to do so.

And I did.



This one smells strongly of (top notes) alcohol with a tiny bit of citrus peeking out from underneath, (mid notes) slightly sweet Old Lady Talcum Powder and jasmine, sure ok there's jasmine in there, (base notes) musk and sandlewood (they got the base notes right - yay).

I was bitterly disappointed.

It's not an offensive perfume for me, I can tolerate it, but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype, and it most certainly doesn't excite;  unless the idea of an expensive perfume that smells of talcum powder and alcohol genuinely floats your boat, it is categorically not worth the price.  In my ever so humble opinion.

I shall save my pennies for other, more worthy, Chanel purchases.


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