24 Jan 2013

Chanel 1932

Chanel 1932

Chanel are releasing a new fragrance which they are naming 1932, as an homage to very first jewellery collection (diamonds, naturally) launched by Coco Chanel in 1932.

The scent, being released as part of the Les Exclusifs de Chanel range, is called 1932, and is launching on Friday 1st March (in Dublin, exclusively at the Chanel Fashion boutique in Brown Thomas).  Formulation-wise, it's being released only as EDT.  Price-wise, 200ml will be €250, will be €130.  

This is categorised by Chanel as a Fruity, Floral, Woody scent.  Apparently, it will have top-notes of grapefruit and neroli, fading to iris, rose and jasmine and fading to musk, sandlewood, vetiver.

Chanel 1932 Fresh Body Cream

Jacques Polge, Creator of Chanel Perfumes and the 1932 fragrance, together with Christopher Sheldrake (director of R&D and perfumer) co-created an accompanying body cream, which is a moisturising cream built at a chemical level to grab hold of and retain the molecules of fragrance sprayed onto it (increasing the longevity of the scent).  The Body Cream will be €90.

As an aside: a few years ago, I began the exercise of identifying and cataloguing the notes (high, medium, base) in all of my perfumes.  The reason for this at the time was *not* because I am an OCD geek, it's because I suffer from migraines, and over the years I've figured out that my biggest migraine trigger is "perfume".  So I decided I'd try to find out what types of perfumes trigger my migraines and what I could wear.  (OK, the OCD geek also wanted to classify the commonalities in the perfumes I "liked" :-)).  As a rule of thumb, I've identified that I prefer zesty fruity (citrus-based) perfumes, but can tolerate some florals notes including jasmine, and that vetiver is definitely something I am a fan of.  This one seems to have all of the elements I like/can handle... so, I'm looking forward to trying it out!


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