2 Oct 2013

Chanel Collection Rouge Allure Moiré

Chanel Collection Rouge Allure Moiré - campaign visual

Chanel have had far too many yummy collections this year.  In the lipstick stakes alone, there were three planned.  First-off, there was Avant-Première de Chanel (April), which featured new Rouge Coco Shine and new Rouge Coco shades.  And then in June we saw the gorgeous Collection Révélation de Chanel, which introduced some delicious new sparkly and glossy Lèvres Scintellantes.  To complete their planned trio, Chanel have now delivered their third and final lippie collection for 2013: Collection Rouge Allure Moiré, which according to Chanel, is "inspired by the beauty and refinement of overflowing fabrics and ribbons" and features new and LE Rouge Allure, Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss and Crayon Lèvres lipsticks, along with two LE Le Vernis shades.

The French word, Moiré, in dressmaking, usually refers to watered silk.  Think the kind of effect you get on silk taffeta, which looks almost like it has patterns in it when you move it in the light.  The moiré effect in the Rouge Allure lipsticks however, is the result of different types of mother-of-pearl: tone-on-tone, translucent or with golden, silver, bronze or copper reflects.  What it means is that these lipsticks have a 3d-like, pearlescent, finish.  Not quite metallic, nor frosted, nor glossy, but luminous for all of that.

Rouge Allure (€31.50)

the Rouge Allure lippies

There are five new shades and three LE shades:
  • 122 Farouche (new) - chocolate with silver shimmer
  • 124 Ambigue (LE) - rosy brown with bronze and violet plum pearl
  • 125 Indécise (New) - natural rosy beige with a coppery moiré effect
  • 129 Surprenante (New) - intense pink with ultra-luminous fuchsia shimmer
  • 131 Étonnante (New) - satiny apricot with golden pearl
  • 132 Impulsive (LE) - reddish pink with with gold and silver reflects
  • 134 Audacieuse (LE) - bold rosy red with an intense moiré effect
  • 135 Énigmatique (New) - deep brownish red with gold and silver pearl

Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss (€31.50)

the new lipglosses

Ultra-shiny and highly concentrated with pigments, this formula combines the easy application of a gloss and the lasting hold of a lipstick.  There is one new and one LE shade:
  • 71 Réflexion (LE) - reddish pink
  • 72 Controversy (new) - intense violet plum

Crayon Lèvres (€21.50)

the new lipliners

Two new lip liners feature, a darker one and a lighter one - to suit most of the shades of Rouge Allure:
  • 68 Rose Poudré (new) - slightly greyish pale pink gives precision to delicate shades.
  • 69 Rose Argent (new) - reddish pink

Le Vernis (€22.50)

Collection Rouge Allure Moiré - the nail polish shades

Two LE nail varnishes join the line up, as follows:
  • 593 Rose Moiré (LE) - delicate greyed pink
  • 595 Rouge Moiré (LE) - raspberry red

I know which ones my beady eyes will be on when I wander in for a look tomorrow... as always, the darker shades of Extrait de Gloss/Controversy, Le Vernis/Rose Moiré, Le Crayon Lèvres/Rose Argent, and the Rouge Allure shades of SurprenanteImpulsiveAudacieuse.  Purely for a look, of course :-)

Collection Rouge Allure Moiré - the palette

The collection has already launched on the 27th September.

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