14 Oct 2013

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off - review

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off Food Therapy

This is the most softest, most comfortablest, most loveliest face mask I think I've ever used.  And after yet another weekend of travelling and over-indulgence, it was lovely to use late last night to relax my skin.

I had a good few samples of this that I've been trying out and each time I do, I remember why I love it.  It lives up to its claims to moisturise your skin and leave your skin smooth and clear - my skin was so bright, and so beyond soft each time I used it, that I determined not to forget how good it was (and inevitably I would, and then rediscover it all over again.  It might be the single most comforting, gentlest mask I've ever used.

Ingredients-wise, it's water-based and contains jojoba oil, rice bran water and a small volume of silicones.  It also contains parabens.  The exfoliating beads are broken-up pieces of partially softened rice, and they're very gentle.  It's recommended that you use this on your skin as with any exfoliating mask - apply it, massage it in for a bit, then leave it sit there for about fifteen minutes and then remove it.

This stuff, if you can get it, is around the fiver (€) mark but depending on where you ship it from, it may wind up costing a lot more.  I have managed to get it from Amazon.  It's a pity it's only available online and in Asia, because it's gorgeous.

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