24 Oct 2013

300th post - a little about me & a HUGE giveaway!

300 posts - whohoo!

Today is my 300th post...  Pause for dramatic effect.

I'm actually quite excited and chuffed about this.  So I'm going to break with my strict "sure what does anyone want to know about me" rule and give a little insight into the Person behind the Posts.

I'm an aquarian.  An all-or-nothing person.  An absolute utter perfectionist (this is not a good thing).   An IT consultant, with a side-order as a jobbing MUA, a teacher of Makeup Bootcamp courses, and a blogger in my "spare" time.  Am an equal-opportunities cat-and-dog lover (cats, for preference).  A makeup and skincare nut (bad for my wallet).  A techie early adopter (bad for my wallet).  In fact, pretty much All Things Early Adopter (bad for my wallet).  Accessories, shoes, handbags, check, check, check (really really really bad for my wallet).  A mean chef (this means I can't abide other people in my kitchen).  A lover of arts and crafts.  A baker, a card maker.  I occasionally sew stuff.  I have an unhealthy interest in house porn (Interior Design).

I am obsessed with and by all things Italian.  I love languages, other cultures, etymology.  I speak English, beagánín Gaeilge, un peu de Français, poco d'Italiano.  I started learning русский but quit...  I want to go back to it (it's a remarkably easy language once you get past the Cyrillic).  I started learning Deutsch but unfortunately I just couldn't take to it - I don't like Germanic languages in general (English included).  I have rudimentary Irish Sign Language, tourist español and, clearly, pidgin English :-)

Enough stuff about me for now.  And on to the important stuff - the giveaway!  As this is my 300th post, baby! ... and as my blog is (nearly) two years old, I've put together a nice giveaway package, featuring a bunch of products, some full size, some sample size, all brand new and unused, from me to one of my loyal readers in the last almost two years since I started the blog.

Sneak Peek - I'll post tomorrow with full pictures

The prize features ALL of the following:

  • Lancôme makeup bag
  • Yves Saint Laurent Opium EDT Légére (50ml full size)
  • Elemis Sp@ Home Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream (20ml travel size)
  • Molten Brown Naran Ji Liquid Hand Wash (30ml travel size)
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Crème (5ml sample)
  • L'Oréal Ever Riche Shampoo (sample)
  • Inglot AMC Eye Shadow #53 (full size a stunning shade, perfect for (dare I say) Christmas!)
  • An e-Design pointed Kabuki Brush
  • A sample of my very own Make Up For Dolls red lipstick (recently outed by an extremely stylish lady as the best red she's ever owned!)
  • and, for good measure, a cute olive green python (fake, obviously!) bangle

Same rules apply as always - I'll post this to "wherever in the world", assuming that there are no restrictions on delivery of some of the items in the package that is (otherwise those items, regrettably, won't be shipped).  All of these were paid for by me and are brand new and unused.  To enter, add a comment below.  Or like/comment and share on Facebook.  I'll pick a winner out next week and post an update then.  Good luck!

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