21 Oct 2013

philosophy turbo booster c powder - review


Yep, you heard it - this one was a great bit stinking heap of disappointing meh.  Shame.  I'd read such great things about it, and I'm a fan of most of the philosophy stuff I've used thus far.

What it is
A very dense white powder comprising mainly topical-grade vitamin c, that you mix in with a lotion.

What it contains
99.8% high-potency topical vitamin c powder.  And stabilising agents.

How you use it
Mix a spatula-full (included) with your serum or your moisturiser (in the morning only) in the palm of your hand, and then apply as per usual (it dissolves completely into the serum/moisturiser).

Mix about this much of it in with your serum/moisturiser.  Morning usage only.

What it's supposed to do
(And I quote) help* brighten and even skin tone.... (contains) antioxidant to help* protect against free radical attacks.

*I guess the "help" inserted in front here is a handy "get out of jail free" card - if it doesn't work, well, it was only meant to "help", not actually "do".  Hmmmm.

What it did
For me, a huge big heap of absolutely nothing.  Oh wait, it did sting a bit (nothing crazy but how and ever) for the first five days.  You're supposed to "discontinue use if irritation occurs", but brave soldier that I am, I pushed on through the barrier and emerged the other side, to non-stingy-ville for another three weeks.  Great.

So, three non-stingy weeks later, my skin is not any brighter than my current regime already contributes.  It's most certainly no more even.  Darker or hyper pigmentation faded at all?  I hadn't noticed any free radicals attacking me ;-p so I can't comment on that.  Am I younger or fresher looking?  Nope...

OK I guess this stuff is not meant to be a miracle or anything, but given the crazy amount of love it gets, I found it beyond useless.  I was hoping for a slight fade of my hyper pigmentation, but nothing.  I was hoping for a bit more of a glow, nothing.  I have heard good things about this mainly from a few people who had a lot of acne scarring - apparently it does help with that.  I'm lucky enough in that I don't have acne scarring, so I can't comment.  I would advise if you also don't, then don't waste your bucks (incidentally, it's around €35 mark if I recall correctly).

If you do decide to purchase or if you already have it and are a fan, a few caveats
Make sure you store it in a cool and dark place (that glass bottle is darkened for a reason - light can kill the vitamin c - you'll see that if you have a little bit left on the spatula and you leave it lying around for a few days - it turns an interesting shade of almost black.  Lovely).  And make sure you only use it in the morning time.  And make damned sure that you apply an SPF afterwards.

Personally, not too bothered.  Guess it's more laser for me then :-(

Anyone else use this, have any luck, love it or hate it?!

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