28 Jun 2013

Collection Révélation de Chanel

Collection Révélation de Chanel - campaign visual

Also known as "the Chanel collection that features the newest and most waited-for Chanel nail varnish on this side of 2013, Taboo", for all of those who have been asking me, the latest Chanel collection reveals the multiple facets of the Lèvres Scintellantes gloss.  Today, people!

There are three Chanel collections featuring lip products from Chanel this year, the one featured in this post (detailing new and LE Lèvres Scintellantes), the previous one (Collection Avant-Première de Chanel (see here), which introduced new Rouge Coco and Rouge Coco shine options) and one yet to come (Rouge Allure... watch this space!)
I should preamble this post with a statement that these are available on-counter from the 28th of June - that's today!!!!  So apologies for the late late late posting.  I know that I'll be getting down to my local Chanel counter later this evening or early tomorrow to make sure I bag me a Taboo...
The Lips

Collection Révélation de Chanel  - les Lèvres Scintellantes
Collection Révélation de Chanel  - les Lèvres Scintellantes shades from light to dark...
The inspiration for this collection couldn't be more girly - the lip glosses are pink and girlie, starting out with a barely-there-almost-transparent-gloss shade, working its way up to a plum shade.  In the ten-shade lineup, there is a mix of finishes, including pearlised, frosted and creamy, but all are the high-gloss finish associated with Chanel Lèvres Scintellantes formula.  I personally love this formula, as it manages to be glossy but not gloopy.  I think I have a dozen of these already and I'm eyeballing three of the new ones in particular :-)
The shades, all at €26 are:
  • 171/ Ocean Shimmer (new) - a transparent shade with a pink and violet plum pearl shimmer
  • 151/ Aragonite (re-promote) - a pearlescent white with multi-coloured red pearl opalescent effects
  • 87/ Seashell (LE) - a delicate peach with a subtle ____
  • 164/ Plaisir (re-promote) - an opalescent pastel pink shade
  • 131/ Mica (re-promote) - an opalescent bubble-gum pink shade with multi-coloured sparkle
  • 166/ Amour (re-promote) - a bright coral pink infused with multi-coloured sparkle
  • 172/ Rose Sauvage (new) - a soft rosewood shade with pearlescent pink and silver sparkle
  • 174/ Daydream (new) - a metallic fuchsia shade dusted with a similar-toned pearlescent shimmer
  • 175/ Savage Grace (new) - a high-gloss rose garnet shade with iridescent pink and silver shimmer
  • 176/ Crushed Cherry (new) - a deep burgundy red shade

Of all of them, Rose Sauvage, Savage Grace and Crushed Cherry are the ones I'm lusting after :-)

The Nails
Collection Révélation de Chanel  - Le Vernis is Taboo

Le Vernis in 583/ Taboo, a new shade, will be €22.50.

Chanel are continuing their year-long nod to plum/burgundy shades for nails with a new shade called Taboo - a "shimmering violet plum that reveals bluish red tones at its heart".  A plum shade that, f from all the swatches I've seen of it online, features a fantastic galaxy of blue and red sparkles.  I cannot wait.  I cannot wait, I cannot wait.  W.A.N.T.  Yum.

Here we go - a line up of the colours... pretty pretty:

Collection Révélation de Chanel  - Shade Chart

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