13 Jun 2014

NYX Launch & Giveaway!

Rather interested to hear about this one, as I'm sure are most fans of good budget makeup.  Previously only available in a couple of trade shops, NYX Cosmetics have had their official launch in Ireland and are now more widely available to all in pharmacies all over the country. 

The Info

If you don't know what NYX Cosmetics is, it's a professional LA-based brand with a staunch celebrity following which features a lot of cult products (think of their Curve Liner and their Jumbo Eye Pencils, to mention just two you've probably heard about) and a huge array of shades and colours, some trend, some basic/standard (over 1,500 I believe).  Their pricepoints are also extremely inticing (some examples below).

The two main differences between NYX and a lot of other similar (I don't want to say "budget makeup", but in essence this is what it is), companies are that, firstly, NYX don't fall into the trap of aiming solely at teenagers who want sparkle everywhere - they have quite a lot of great matte products, and secondly, their ingredients listings are very interesting, featuring a high ratio of pigments-to-fillers, and interestingly, some mineral and skincare ingredients.  So these products should apply well and last longer than their other drugstore pals.  Intrigued yet?

Some Example Prices

NYX The Curve Eyeliner - clever
  • The Curve Liner €15.99 - a curved applicator which is a fantastic idea for newbies to learn how to do their graphic liner, my only complaint on this one is that it's a very green-based black, not a dead blacker-than-blackety-black
  • Butter Gloss €6.49 - a gorgeous cream-gloss hybrid
  • Matte Lipstick €7.49 - more of a satin than a matte for me, but wonderfully nourishing on the lips, a rarity for mattes
  • Jumbo Eye Pencil €4.99 - definitely one of their better known products, I haven't had much luck with this given my slightly oily lids (same as most of these kind of wax pencil offerings), but it will work if you have less oily lids, or don't mind a lived-in creased look
  • Eye Shadow Palette €11.49 - unusually for powder-based products, this features silicones and high concentrations of pigments, it applies and blends beautifully and lasts.  And there's nine shadows in the palette - this one is particularly great value
  • Bronzer & Blusher Combo €10.99 - a lovely product that features a bronzer along one side and a blusher along the other.  Both are slightly shimmery, so not for you if you prefer matte, but it's not a chunky sparkle at least.

Info / Stockists

Look here for more information on NYX Cosmetics and here for more details on the Irish stockists.

The Giveaway

So - even though I hadn't planned another one for another 100-or-so-followers-reached, just because the sun is blasting away outside, and lets face it, that puts us all in good humour, and because the good (Great!) folks at NXY PR kindly sent me on a raft of stuff to try out, I'm going to hold a giveaway.  Usual T&C apply; anyone affiliated/associated with Make Up For Dolls can't apply, I'll post it to wherever you are in the world, etc.  All you need to do is comment here, or tweet/retweet about it on Twitter, or comment below the Facebook post.  Simples!

So what am I giving away - why one of everything in the list (and picture) above actually (note that these shades are just samples of what's available from NYX).  Well, with one slight change; I don't have a curve liner, so I'm substituting in a kohl eyeliner pencil in a beautiful shade of Seafoam Green (it matches the greens-and-blues palette I'm giving away.  With the exception of foundation, this is an entire face-full of products for one lucky winner!

I'm not going to photograph everything individually, but I think these two are the ones everyone will want to see closer-up:

NYX Blusher and Bronzer Combo in #03/Marbella
NYX Love In Paris Palette in #04/Love Affair With Louis

Good luck - I'll draw a winner in a week... Happy weekend everyone!

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