10 Jun 2014

Natura Bisse Glycoline Glyco Extreme Peel - review

Natura Bissé Glycoline Glyco Extreme Peel is just that - a pretty extreme peel.  I'm not convinced, personally.

I was working from a bunch of samples I had of this that I got from the nice SA in Harrod's on my last visit.  The idea behind it is to use it twice a week for six weeks.  I didn't do that - I used it a total of four times (I used it once a week for a month, as to be honest I found it pretty severe, and I wanted to let me skin calm down in between uses).

A peel, in case anyone isn't aware, is essentially a chemical exfoliator, as opposed to a mechanical exfoliator, which relies on various acids instead of bits and pieces of "stuff" to slough away dead skin cells (look here for some more information on AHAs and BHAs).  This particular formula contains five AHAs (glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric & lactic acids) and BHA (salicylic acid).  Ingredients listing doesn't indicate what percentages of the acids are present.  It also contains parabens.

Natura Bissé would argue that this particular exfoliating treatment is "non-aggressive but highly efficient".  They also recommend this for mature or damaged skin, oily and acne prone skin, claim that it will help fade hyper-pigmented skin, and should deliver a deep cleanse that will help minimise the size of pores, fade acne scars and fight blackheads.  I agree that it's highly efficient, but not that it's non-aggressive;  I am no stranger to chemical peels and micro-exfoliation, but this stuff hurt.  Even allowing for the fact that I do have sensitive skin, I can't pretend I liked this stuff.  I did like the results; smooth, exfoliated skin (the next day, after it calmed down and relaxed a bit), but I can get the same results for cheaper and with less pain.  If you're into extreme peels and fancy a bit of facial masochism, you'll get this from Space NK and Harrods for around £150;  it's extremely sore, and it's extremely expensive and I don't believe this particular product gets a rubber stamp from me.

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