6 Jun 2014

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara - review

In keeping with my obsession (and scutty little lash stumps) I've tried yet another mascara that promises to add length and volume (but don't they all really?!)  This time in the form of a fibre mascara from ModelCo called Fibre Lashxtend that I received free gratis and for nothing with an issue of Glamour magazine.

I'd never tried a fibre mascara before, and ok, in all honesty I'd never even heard of it (Is this fibre optic? boom boom!)  When I read "fibre" on the tube I thought that maybe it contained micro nylon fibres or some such to add strength and volume.  So when I pulled the wand out of the tube and saw that the mascara on the brush was quite hairy I actually thought that something had died in there.  Then the penny dropped.

The packaging is quite simple but has a handy mirror on the back for Lashes On The Go.  The wand is just your usual run-of-the-mill affair, nothing fancy.  The formulation is very dry, presumably because of all the fibres suspended in the mascara.  I usually prefer wet and glossy but I motored on with this, intrigued to see what kind of results I'd get from a dry and hairy mascara.

If applied properly this is pretty impressive.  Just swirl the wand around in the tube to collect the fibres;  they cling to your lashes and extend out from the tips, making them look significantly longer.  My lashes were certainly nicely separated and defined as well, just like falsies.  Also the fibres don't fall down during the day - in fact they didn't budge until I took my make up off.  They were lacking a little bit of voluminous oomph but when I experimented with adding a coat of other mascara on top of the Fibre Lashxtend, I ended up with thick clumpy lashes, so I wouldn't recommend it!  You really need to know when to stop applying this because the second you over-do it, your lashes end up looking more like fir trees.  The fibres start branching out horizontally and the results are pretty hilarious.  Forget spider lashes, pipe cleaner lashes are the new no-no!

Not only was the formulation quite dry to begin with, I also found that the whole tube dried out in a matter of a few weeks.  I was pretty annoyed by this, freebie or not.  This is why I don't have a photo of my Fibre Lashxtend-ed lashes, by the time I got around to taking one the mascara had just dried out too much and the fibres looked bitty;  like the tips of my lashes had frazzled-looking split ends.  Not a good look.  

For this reason, I wouldn't purchase it (but would gladly use another freebie if anyone's offering).  For just under €18 this should really have a longer shelf life.  I've had chocolate last longer than this.  Ok that's a blatant lie but you get my drift. 

I haven't been turned off fibre products just yet, I'm curious to try another brand (I've purchased a fibre eyebrow gel from Benefit called Gimme Brow which I love and is showing no signs of drying out after a few weeks.  More on that another time).  Information on the ModelCo. Fibre Lashxtend can be found here on their website.

Until next time, increase your fibre intake!
Emer x 
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