26 Jun 2014

DermaBlend Fluid Corrective Foundation - review

Vichy DermaBlend's Fluid Corrective Foundation (the one in the tube!) is categorically not a foundation I will personally reach for, I'm going to be honest and say, ever.  That said, I have it in my kit and wouldn't be without it.  Because it's genuinely amazing.

Read on to see why.

A quick note: I appreciate that I am doing a lot of DermaBlend product reviews lately... I have been trialling them actively over the last month or two, and only getting around to reporting back now.  Expect a few more reviews over the next few weeks too!


This is touted as a full coverage foundation, and it is just that, with an interesting side note: it manages the coverage level by means of an extremely high level of pigmentation, rather than filler ingredients, which means that it's full coverage without looking like a mask, a feat most genuine full coverage foundations don't achieve.


DermaBlend Fluid Corrective Foundation (#25/Nude) - blended-out

It boasts an off-matte luminous finish.  It is exactly and precisely that, but bear in mind that it's not glowing, or dewy in any way - there's just enough luminosity to work hand-in-hand with the pigments (which give this foundation its opacity/coverage) to prevent it from looking dead and mask-like.

Both cover and finish work together extremely well in this product to give a foundation that is perfect for someone who wants to cover what they might consider imperfections; acne scarring, ruddiness, pimples/blemishes, port wine stains, hyper- or hypo- pigmentation, even facial tattoos, without looking like they've troweled-on two inches of Spackle.


Vichy claim this lasts sixteen hours.  Vichy are right.  This is a long-lasting foundation.  It does need some small amount of powdering on oilier areas.

Shades and Undertones

Look here for a description of the shades.  I'm wearing #25 /Nude (the second-lightest of five shades) and it's pretty much perfect for my NC23 skin.

Best Applied With

I've found that fingers work best for this foundation, an especially so if I apply to my fingertips first, warm it slightly, and rub in.  But honestly, any brush or even a sponge will work equally well.

Best Suited To

It's hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, so it won't block pores, it contains glycerin, so it's great for dryer and older skin types.  I would probably avoid using this on oilier skins.  I'd personally avoid using it on more mature skintypes, either that or use it sparingly only where needed, and sheer it out somewhat on more lined areas of skin.  Like all DermaBlend products, this is a camouflage makeup, and is usable on sensitive skin and/or skin with suffering from various unwanted skin conditions.


DermaBlend Fluid Corrective Foundation (#25/Nude) - splodge

This is a water-based fluid-cream, but features heavy with silicones and glycerin is also listed very high up in the ingredients listing.  For this reason, it's not going to suit oily skins.

SPF, Skincare, Price

This contains a particularly useful almost full coverage level of SPF - 35.  So you won't really need to wear suncream underneath it, which is great.  On the other hand, it does flash back (you can of course get around this somewhat by bringing the foundation down your neck, if you plan to use it in flash photography, to lessen the obviousness of the ghosting).  Price-wise, €21 will net you 30ml of this.  Depending on your required usage, it should last you a while, given its high level of pigmentation.

So why do I not use this but recommend it so highly?  I rarely need to use this, but when I do, my clients are invariably thrilled with the results (and immediately have all gone out and purchased themselves).  If you have a need for a camouflage makeup, you'll know the "why" behind this.  It gives a fantastic cover for those who need heavier coverage, but its finish leaves it looking reasonably natural.  For those clients who have skin issues that require a foundation like this, I would always have actually used a mix of the lightest coverage foundations I have, and then have spent forever, with a palette of concealers and correctors, doing pin-point precision work on very specific areas.  This gives a more natural finish than more traditional fuller coverage foundations, which can look very mask-like.  This product negates the need for this level of concealing, and allows one layer to do most of the work - which makes it faster for MUAs and normal "users" alike.  Look here for more information.

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