17 Jun 2014

Diorshow Fusion Mono #381 Millenium - review

Diorshow Fusion Mono #381 Millenium

I have been meaning to try these for some time, I've heard some great things about Dior's version of Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre shades, a strange (but lovely) powder-mousse hybrid.  While browsing Dior's Summer collection (and purchasing a rather stunning foundation that has become my latest "Best Foundation Ever" ;-)), this lovely object d'art caught my beady little magpie eyes...

up close n personal, no flash

This is one of those shades I love.  Not quite olive, not quite brown, not quite taupe, with almost a hint of dirtied purple with a nod to a blackened antique gold type shade, this is precisely the kind of is-it-or-isn't-it shade I love, because you can do so much with this, depending on the shade of base you use, or how much you sheer it out, or built it up, or depending on what you do with different shades of eyeliner and mascara...

Diorshow Fusio Mono #381 Millenium - swatch with flash
Diorshow Fusio Mono #381 Millenium - swatch without flash

See what I mean?  This swatch appears particularly different in high and lower light conditions.  It compares somewhat with Chanel's Epatant, but that's got more of a purple/taupe base with a silvery shimmer, and this one is a dirtier brown with more of a golden shimmer.

Lastability-wise, I find that this lasts about six hours on my slightly oily lids, at which point it shows signs of fading and creasing.  Normal enough with a product of its ilk.  I like that these are easily applied though - assuming you're only using them on yourself, a quick finger swipe and you're done, no brushes needed (although I do like to blend the edges out a little bit).

Formulation-wise, wear-wise, application-wise, these and Chanel's version are much of a muchness.  I'm loving this, and I'm wearing it to death (even in work, sparkles be damned!), unlike another creamy eyeshadow I recently purchased, which I don't. rate. at. all...

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