19 Jun 2014

Dermablend Stick Corrector - review

Dermablend Stick Corrector

I can’t believe that I did not review this already.  I would have sworn that I had!  So, it's high time I pulled the finger out and got on with it.

Regular readers may remember this post in which I waxed lyrical about Vichy’s latest Dermablend range of products, launched back in-or-around April of this year, including the Dermablend Stick Corrector I'm reviewing today.

In short, this stuff is awesome.  Said with genuinely no nod to sarcasm or facetiousness whatsoever.  Truly, genuinely, awesome.  Essentially, this effectively replaces the Dermablend foundation stick (look here for more info) and has the highest level of pigmentation of all the products.  As you can see.  One swish of this stuff under my eyes and - so long dark circles.

Before - no foundation, brows, concealer, etc
After - 30 seconds later - no foundation or brows,
but a blended-in swoosh of Dermablend:
dark circles begone!

This is impressive, in general I need a corrector and concealer to do this trick.  It comes in five extremely highly pigmented shades, not a lot but enough to mix and match if needed.

The new lipstick sized applicator makes this so much easier to apply, one swipe/swoosh straight onto the skin and you’re done (assuming you’re just using this for yourself that is) - the larger (old style) foundation stick was just too big for direct application.

Complaints or niggles?  It’s quick a thick formulation (it’s a very dense creamy waxy formula, so you really do need to be careful with how much of it you pack on, or it can settle into lines and look caked.  For thicker concealers like this, a fluffy brush (look here for some recommendations) is your friend.  It’s quite a dry formulation too, so I don’t find it needs powdering, particularly.

There’s not a huge amount to say about this, except that at around only €17 and readily available in most pharmacies, it's highly effective and long wearing, and is a concealer I would heartily recommend to all, old or young, all but the very oily skinned.  This is one of those quiet workhorse products, it’s not something that you’re going to jump up and down and do a jig about, but honestly, these products are the ones to get right; concealers and correctors, especially as we get older.  When asked for it, my advice is always to have the best skincare that you can afford and that works for your skin, and for makeup, have the best concealer and the best brow product you can.  The rest of the stuff is window dressing; prices vary, quality varies, lastability varies, but a good concealer is probably your BFF.  It’s why I do a whole class on just concealing and correcting!

Look here, if you’re interested, for some more links on this subject:

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