15 Nov 2013

Shu Uemura IR115 - Pinky gold for Christmas time :-)

Shu Uemura IR115 Pink

On a recent trip to BT, this little beaut caught my eye...

Mentally thinking "Christmas, baby" and nodding along with my thought, I removed my glove (sadly, it's bloody cold up here now, I need to wear gloves - where the hell did the summer go to?!) and dunked my (albeit clean) finger into the store sample to merrily swatch away.  Nodding further and without any further ado, I purchased on the spot.  I've got quite circumspect about what makeup I purchase these days (mainly because I have a stupid amount of it, and it's time to get a bit more real about it) but this was too nice to pass up.  This baby is all for me, me, me.  Kit be damned :-)

Extreme (and slightly blurry) close up :-)

Shu Uemura sell their pressed eyeshadows as refills only, so they are just sold as-is, and intended to be slotted into their own custom cases.  The shadows come in five different textures, and are coded as follows:
  • M for matte : a velvety, even, smooth matte finish
  • P for pearl : shimmering, luminous radiant
  • IR for iridescent : shadows with glimmering reflects of changing colors
  • ME for metallic : with a metallic liquid glow
  • G for glitters : glistening glittery sparkles

IR Pink 115 - no flash
IR Pink 115 - with Flash

Lookit mommy, it's so sparkly!  Anything nodding to rose gold is my favourite of all shades at the moment, most of my jewellery is a variation on the theme for the last year or so (Michael Kors has a lot to answer for :-)).  This one is a twist on rose gold - it's actually a really pale baby pink with gold undertones, but under flash it looks a little more warm - so there's enough gold in it so that it's not a completely cold pink.  Yum.  Looking forward to wearing this one over one of my Chanel Illusion d'Ombre shades... maybe Émerveillé or Convoitise :-)

Shu Uemura is available in BT and the eyeshadows cost €13 each.

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