6 Nov 2013

Ireland's Only Pro Makeup Store

Situated on Royal Avenue in Belfast, this is Ireland's only real Pro makeup store, stocking a huge range of products.  Me = overly excited kid in happy little candy store for the half hour I allowed myself to browse.

This place stocks a huge range of products... huuuuuuuge.  The more I looked, the more bits and pieces I saw buried beside, underneath, behind things... skincare... cult products... face lace... amazingly stunning eyelashes... straight makeup... theatrical makeup... special effects makeup... great brushes...

Some pics...

Various skincare ranges including Balance Me
Embryolisse Range
Decoderm Makeup range
Ben Nye theatrical & special effects range
Make-Up Studio range
Various skincare ranges including Mario Badescu
Huge brush range

The brush range is extensive - from what I could see, they looked to me like re-badged ("own-labelled") Crown brushes rather than custom-designed and commissioned, but they are seriously well edited and thought-out, I have to say that Mr Paddy McGurgan, chief makeup artist and store owner extraordinaire, has the same taste in makeup brushes as I... lots of fantastic dual fibre brushes, sable lay down eye brushes of various sizes, natural and synthetic fibre brushes both...

I stayed beyond disciplined (much to my personal chagrin) and only purchased two things: rigid collodion and some gorgeous hand cream (more on that will follow in another post!)  I wanted to get liquid latex, but it being the day after Halloween, their stocks were out.  Next time.  I most certainly will be back.

Look here on their Facebook page if you're interested... Belfast is just a stone's throw up the road from Dublin, if you fancied a road trip :-)

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