19 Nov 2013

MAC Divine Night Purchases - Private Party & Raven

MAC Divine Night campaign visual

I had migraine the evening of the MAC Divine Night launch, grrrr, however rest assured I got there a couple of days later :-)  MAC's Holiday 2013 makeup collection is every bit as nutsily extensive (and irritatingly LE) as ever... after a quick gander, I came away with the only two things I'd figured I might want... how's that for discipline!

(Satin) Lipstick - Private Party

It's slightly less bright in real life

Billed as a Dirty Plum Mauve, this is not a bad description.  Already tipped by most magazines as the "colour of the (holiday) season", this is a gorgeous berry shade - somewhere between a light plum and a darkened mauve, with a bit of grey and pink thrown in to keep it interesting.

L -> R: MAC Private Party (LE), MAC Spitfire (LE), MAC Plumful, NARS La Paz

I have a few lippies in this shade family and love them - MAC Plumful for example is slightly pinker and lighter, it's similar to NARS La Paz but creamier (finish), minus the sparkles and more plum/less purple, and MAC Spitfire (LE) (one of my absolute favourite shades, bar none, ever) is a pinker.  I love these shades because my lips bend more towards mauve-shades than beige when they're nude, so anything mauve-based feels like "my lips but better"... course I could be just talking shite now too :-)

I do like MAC Satin finish lipsticks, they're long enough lasting, generally pretty opaque, and wear/feel well on the lips - Private Party ticks all of these boxes.

Kohl Power Eye Pencil - Raven

According to MAC, an Intense Black with Red Pearl, this is a fhhhaaaaabulous shade, and I can't WAIT to wear it over the holiday season.  It is a blackened winey-burgundy-pinky-red eyeliner, but without the myxomatosis overtones associated with wearing red eyeliner.  British Beauty Blogger tipped me off about this one and I was waiting for it to arrive.  It's gorgeous.  Yummmmmm.

And that was all she wrote.  The MAC Christmas/holiday collections are extensive and largely feature the usual far-too-glittery-and-shimmery mineralised products that don't suit me, much as I want them too, however the mini pigment sets (Nocturnals) are particularly fantastic this year, and the (Stroke of Midnight) face palettes really are gorgeous gift options.  There's also a particular highlighting blush (non-sparkly) that looked fab - might be worth another look-see next time I'm at the MAC store :-)

Information on the LE Divine Night kohl pencils is here, and on the lipsticks is here (while still available on the MAC site).

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