21 Nov 2013

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Hydrating Creme Cleanser - review

I have previously reviewed some of the Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv range (moisturiser and serum) and was remarkably non-plussed with these, especially considering the price point for these products (they're at the Chanel Sublimage and CDLM price range).  I've had the cleanser from the range to try out for a while... so here goes...

So given the price of this stuff (it's around the fifty quid mark), I expected great things (on one hand - and wasn't absolutely convinced it would be great either, given my experience with the moisturiser and serum).

So to cut to the chase - this wasn't good.  Both for the price, or considering what it was supposed to do.  It was ok; a ho-hum level of ok, for a cleanser.  It was certainly no brilliant all-encompassing super-duper amazing makeup removing cleanser.  It's a creamy lotion which removed about 90% of my makeup overall - it managed to removed about 75% of my eye makeup (of the non-heavy, non-waterproof variety - so that's pretty poor I think).  It removed only about 25% of my waterproof eye makeup, necessitating a lot more work with other eye makeup removers afterwards.  As a non-makeup removing cleanser, it removes 100% of everything, sure.  But it also leaves a tiny slick on your skin if you remove it with tissues or cotton pads that you need to remove with a toner (or a double-cleanse).  A facecloth and water removes this (and a little more makeup) far better.  But it's still not brilliant.  And it stings the bejesus out of my eyes.

Scent-wise, this also doesn't suit me personally (but smells are a personal thing);  it's got that Re-Nutriv fragrance, which I just find cloyingly, sickly sweet.  Ingredients-wise, it's water-and-glycerin based with a bunch of fruit and seed oils, leaf and grain extracts (including wheat germ, coeliacs beware).  And a lot of parabens.

Look here if you want more information on this product.  Honestly, I'd probably recommend skipping it though.  Estée Lauder do a lot of really good stuff.  I have yet to be convinced about anything from this Re-Nutriv range however.

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