14 May 2013

Chanel new Illusion d'Ombre shades in Convoitise & Apparition

L -> R: Apparition, Convoitise

Wheeeeeeeeee!  Chanel have released another two new Illiusion d'Ombre shades in their Jeux de Regards collection (I'm a little bit overly-excited as I just love this formulation shadow).

I had already purchased the Illusion d'Ombre in Apparition in the past - this had previously featured as an LE product as part of the boutique/fast track Blue Illusion collection.  As I've already swatched and blogged about this shade, this particular post features the other Illusion d'Ombre shade, #90 Convoitise.

Chanel Convoitise

Chanel have now a total of three gold Illusion d'Ombre shades

L -> R: Vision, Convoitise, Apparence

... or four, if you include Émerveillé, and they're all very different:

L -> R: Vision, Convoitise, Apparence, Émerveillé

This one, Convoitise, is a more muted, calmed-down, beige-based gold with the tiniest barest hint of a peach (it's not peach, it's just there in the background.  Very very barely in the background).

Chanel Convoitise - yummy yummy

It's also, while frosted, more of a shimmer and less of a frost finish than some of the others.  This makes it easier to sheer-out, but similarly, harder to build-up to a very obvious colour.  That's fine - this is a pale subtle shade anyhow, so you're not going to want to build this one up hugely (I mainly got it, if I'm perfectly honest, as I'm somewhat obsessed by this formulation - it's not going to be one I use a huge amount).

Top: Mad Minerals Nude Frost
Middle: Chanel Vision, Convoitise, Apparence
Bottom: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #13, Benefit Birthday Suit, Chanel Émerveillé

As you can see, there's a bunch of similar shades to Convoitise, especially when swatched:

L -> R: Mad Minerals Nude Frost, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #13,
Benefit Birthday Suit, Chanel Vision, Convoitise, Apparence, Émerveillé

Convoitise (third from the right) is slightly similar to Émerveillé, but less pink and slightly more gold-peach.  It's also slightly similar to Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #13 (but more gold and less peach, and more shimmery), similarly it's somewhat like Mad Minerals Nude Frost* (but more gold).

* Mad Minerals Indelible Cream Shadow in Nude Frost is a brilliant dupe for - almost the identical same in fact as - MAC Bare Study Paintpot.

While we're on the topic of the Illusion d'Ombre shades, here's a post on the original lineup of shades first released, and my search for dupes.  And here's some other posts (here and here) which outline the other Chanel gold Illusion d'Ombre shades.

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