18 Nov 2013

My first ever tag post :-)

My very first tag post... For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it is a post with predefined questions that you have to answer, sent to you by another blogger who has also answered the self-same questions on his/her blog.  The idea being to increase awareness of each others' blogs, to network a little, to have some fun, to let people know about you a bit more with questions you don't pose yourself.  I like the idea of this, so here goes (this is a nice short one, just four, makeup-related, questions :-))

1.  When did you begin loving makeup?

When I was about 14, and the option was either pan stick, or Constance Carroll for base (remember that stuff?  God-awful really - a tube of one particular shade might not necessarily look the same as a different tube of the exact same shade - nor was the coverage consistent, or the finish - but they were all orangey-based *sniggers*).  We all used “that boots green stuff” underneath to make us look less ruddy.  Ombré lips - I was ahead of the trend, I used to have 2 cheap orangey lippies and I’d wear one on top and one on the bottom of my lips :-)  (I guess it was to match up with the orangey-base).  Like all girls at that age, I wore it to feel older.  Once I hit my 20’s I had zero interest in it for about 5 years, but that came around again, and with it, the intimidation that I couldn’t use it properly :-(

2.  How do you feel without makeup?

Doesn’t bother me remotely.  Don’t get me wrong - I think makeup is great, but I try really hard to have at least one day that I don’t wear any of the stuff.  On the other hand if I’m hugely honest, there’s always going to be “that day” where you “just have to have a face on”, for whatever reason.

3.  What do you like about makeup?

Go take a look.  Amazing.

The creativity.  Thinking about a “face” I’ll do on me for a particular event, or to go with a particular outfit, or “just because” for the fun of it.  Products, I’ve become an absolute tool-and-product junkie.  Finding new brands that I love.  How it can totally change your look.  Your mood.  Make you look older or younger, fresher, more funky, more classical, more sophisticated, more retro, fierce or kittenish.  It’s pure fun.  I love creating really outré looks, and really understated looks, and really cool looks.  I love the fact that makeup can camouflage a night on the tiles and zero sleep.  I love that it’s about a “look” and not always about perfection (although sometimes that’s ok too).  I love that I can have a puffy day and use corrector to slim down my face.  It’s magical mystical stuff.  The Italian for makeup, il trucco, means “the trick”.  That really captures it!

4.  Three Holy Grail Makeup Products:

Difficult - skincare, sure.  Makeup…. hmmm.  Categories-wise, simple: a good mascara, a good concealer/corrector and a good brow product.  The actual products (as in, the range or brand or exact product in that  change all the time though).  At the moment I’m loving Tarte Dark Circle Defence Under Eye Corrector (but I think it has been discontinued?), Benefit It’s Real mascara, and Cosmetics à la Carte’s Brow Ink.  But that will change by next week.  I’m fickle :-)  Can I add a fourth product?  If so: anything with glitter :-)

My Tags

Thanks to the lovely Charlotte at MakeupByCandlelight for my first ever tag post!  Charlotte's post is here, please do go take a look :-)

For my tags, I've included some blogs I've read and admired from afar, some are blogs of friends, some are blogs of people who have become friends through the blogging universe!

the wonderfully prolific VonFluffy :-) at www.notjustinside.com
my pal Sarah a newbie but who writes soulfully, at merakidublin.blogspot.ie
and actually, Sarah's sister Amy at allthelittlethings3.blogspot.ie
the gorgeous Cindy at girlwiththeskewearring.blogspot.ie
the bargain-hunter mad Nina from ninasbargainbeauty.blogspot.ie
the dynamic duo Kat & Rachelle from dollyrouge.ie

Hopefully some of these ladies will do a tag post of their own, but either way, I recommend taking a look at their blogs above for a good ol' read :-)

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