8 Nov 2013

Christmas 2013 from Roger & Gallet - preview

Roger & Gallet have released their Christmas gift collections.

As a quick background - renowned expert Perfumer - Apothocary since 1862, Roger & Gallet believe in the promotion of well-being through fragrance, through the study of Aromachology, a science that studies the influence of scents on our behaviours and moods.

Personally, I've always had a thing for their soaps :-)  The collections are priced between €19.50 and €39.75, so there's a price for everyone.
The fragrance coffrets are €39.75 and feature 100ml of perfume in the most popular fragrances:
  • Bois d’Orange
  • Fleur d’Osmanthus
  • Fleur de Figieur
  • Rose Imaginaire

Roger & Gallet Fragrance Coffret in Fleur de Figieur - Christmas 2013
Roger & Gallet Fragrance Coffret in Fleur d'Osmanthus - Christmas 2013
Roger & Gallet Fragrance Coffret in Rose - Christmas 2013
Roger & Gallet Fragrance Coffret in Bois d'Orange - Christmas 2013

The coffret also includes free gifts: a 50ml shower gel plus a 50ml body lotion.  Nice.

The hand cream coffret is €19.50 and features three handcreams in all the following scents:
  • Crème Sublime
  • Fleur d’Osmanthus
  • Rose
Roger & Gallet Hand Cream Coffret - Christmas 2013

The soap coffret is €19.95 and includes the following four scented soaps:
  • Bois d’Orange
  • Fleur d’Osmanthus
  • Green Tea
  • Rose

Roger & Gallet Soap Coffret - Christmas 2013

Roger & Gallet are available in most pharmacies nationwide, these gift sets are available now.

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