22 Aug 2013

NARS Fall 2013 - The Lippies (swatches)

NARS Autumn (Fall) 2013 campaign visual
The red... droooooool...

As most people who read this will know, I'm a little bit obsessed with red lippie :-)  I have been waiting for this particular collection from NARS to make an appearance since I saw visuals for Mysterious Red in various magazines in the last while.  Just look at that lip... droool!

So while Mysterious Red was always going to be a definite purchase, La Paz surprised me (in that it was the exact shade of my teeshirt at the time) and well, then I had to have that too :-)

L -> R: Mysterious Red, La Paz

Mysterious Red

Mysterious Red is described as a "crimson red".  It's one of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (I have this in Dragon Girl and Damned also) and absolutely love these pencils - they're fantastically pigmented, super opaque, reasonably long lasting, easy to apply, handy to bring with you, usable as a liner and/or a lippie...

... and annoyingly, as I keep comparing it with Dragon Girl, I now can't stop calling it Mysterious Girl, and I've had that irritating song in my head all bloody day long...

NARS Mysterious Girl Swatch

This shade is an unusual one - it's definitely a slightly darkened crimson but there's the barest hint of a slight orangey-ness to it.  Barest hint.  Slight.  It's not an orange lippie :-)  But it's there and lifts the blue-pink undertone very subtly and turns it into a slightly warmer and slightly darker version of NARS Dragon Girl .  Annoying overly-sweet smell/taste notwithstanding, this is a great red to have.

Note: throw it into the freezer for an hour before you try to pare it to minimise waste.

As you can see from the comparison swatches, this is a matte love-child of MAC Russian Red and Rimmel By Kate #01, with a tiny bit of of a warm orange overtone as an afterthought to stop it being completely blue-based.

L -> RCosmetics √† la Carte Make Up For Dolls Red, NARS Dragon GirlNARS Mysterious RedMAC Russian RedRimmel By Kate #01

Look here for more info.

La Paz

La Paz is described by NARS as "orchid" - it's a Pure Matte Lipstick, and again I have a couple of these (remember Mascate and Carthage, anyone).  Overall, they're a great formula, but as with a lot of matte lippies, they can dry-out on your lips a bit over the course of their wear (easy peasy: use a lip primer like MAC Prep + Prime Lip underneath it, this will sort out that particular issue).

This one is a gorgeous rich pink-based light-to-medium berry purple.

NARS La Paz swatch

This is also a bit of an oxymoron - it's technically a Pure Matte formulation, but it is shot through with silver glitter.  Glitter which seems chunky enough but doesn't feel gritty to wear, and gives the overall impression of a "shiny matte" (not a gloss, that's something else!)  Odd.  But I like it, and it works.  No annoying scent here, which is good.

So although I thought I had found it with La Paz, it seems I'm still on the search for a replacement for MAC Spitfire, a limited edition lipstick from the MAC Wonder Woman collection (why oh why oh why did I not get a backup at the time - I'm nearly out).  Some comparison swatches:

L -> R: MAC Deliciously Forbidden (LE), NARS La PazMAC Spitfire (LE), MAC PlumfulIllamasqua Welt

Look here for more info.

Both of these are from NARS Autumn collection (2013) and are permanent line.

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