18 Jun 2013

How I... store my brushes

Another (mainly) picture post - this time how I store my brushes (and a sneak peek at the brushes I use!)

My brush storage

I use these acrylic storage options from everyone's favourite Japanese office/home/storage/quirky store, Muji.  I am lucky in that there's one of these in Dublin but they also have an online store here; the ones I use are the Acrylic Box - 2 drawers/wide, Acrylic Box - 1 drawer/wide and Acrylic 3-drawer unit.  I appreciate that these are not the cheapest option, but they stack nicely and you can always add more as your collection grows :-)

Because I'm a little OCD I have these sectioned-off and labelled in terms of how I like to use brushes (so others may swap around what I consider powder or buffer brushes or even eye or concealer brushes, for example), but the system works for me.

Some of my brushes...

Concealer brushes
Eye brushes
Eyeliner & Brow brushes
Fan brushes
Dual Fibre brushes
Foundation brushes
Highlighting & Buffer brushes
Blusher & Contour brushes
Powder brushes
And last, but not least:

My current brushes
Please ignore over-exposure - it was a rare exceptionally sunny day!

This is where I store my brushes which are currently in-use; in an (old style) Make Up For Ever Dani pouch.  At the moment, I'm big-time favouring my Louise Young fan brush for powder and highlighter, my Illamasqua blusher brush (review here) for blusher (flat) and contour (edge), my LY02 (another Louise Young) foundation brush (more info here) and a bunch of recently acquired Hakuhodo brushes for my eyes... by the time I wash 'em all though (end of this week), all of those favourites will have changed again :-)

I've written a lot of brush posts to-date - rather than list them all, I've included a custom google search with all of the posts linked (if you're any way interested!) - for example I have a complete series on eye brushes (starts here) and a bunch of brush cleaner reviews here.

And look here for Part I (How I store my MAC Palettes).  Thanks for reading!

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