9 May 2013

Inglot Milk & Tonic Makeup Remover Wipes

Make Up Wipes... actually these are not bad

While at a recent Inglot event, I was kindly given these to trial by one of the staff and although I'm not a huge fan of makeup remover wipes, on occasion, let's face it, using something like these is better than using nothing... when you're caught short on makeup remover, or when you're unexpectedly away, or when you're at a festival or...

My biggest gripe with wipes in general is the amount of alcohol usually present; they're generally soaked through with the stuff, making them a poor choice for delicate northern skin-types.  While these do contain alcohol in the list of ingredients, I'm pleased to note it's the second-last item in a very long list.  I can live with that.  Some other list-ticks: no parabens (good), not tested on animals (good).  Pleasantly (and very lightly) scented (good), and suitable, apparently for sensitive skin types... ok, I'll bite, I'll try them out.

And I was pleasantly surprised.  Not alone did they remove makeup, but also mascara, and they did it all without aggravating my sensitive skin - an achievement in itself.  They stopped shy of removing all of my waterproof mascara and long-long-long lasting eyeliner, but they got most of it.  They feel nice - they're more like a very soft thin cotton cloth than any other wipes I've used, and they are quite sturdy. 

Nice feeling, sturdy, hardworking...

I think they're around €4 for a pack of 25, which is not bad value for something that (a) works and (b) doesn't do any harm while doing it.  Whereas I in general shy away from using wipes, these are firmly staying in my overnight bag for those times I'm just too exhausted to be bothered cleansing properly.  I certainly won't use them every night, but I don't object to using them as a stop-gap.  For me, for wipes, that's unusually high praise :-)


  1. Not bad value at all didn't realise Inglot did these!

    1. I didn't know that they did them either - when I saw them at the last product launch out there, I thought they were a new product as well, I was asking about them and was handed a pack to try out - very kind, and as I've seen, actually quite good. I'd def recommend these...

  2. I hate makeup wipes.. with a passion!!! they irritate my skin so badly. But these actually sound good and are great value. Must pick them up just have for weekend or nights away. Great review :)

  3. Hey Marian, thanks for all your comments on the latest few posts! Yeah I have extremely crabby sensitive/sensitized skin, so I never recommend them either, but for a "only the odd occasion when you're stuck" these are quite good - and I don't use wipes either...


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