28 May 2013

Catrice LE Candy Shock Collection... landing any day now!

Catrice Candy Shock - campaign visual

The Limited Edition Candy Shock collection by Catrice, launching in June 2013, has campaign visuals and inspiration stemming from the marriage of pretty, pale, chalky pastels and ballerina couture, masses of sheer gauzy tulle and metallic greys and beiges, with a pop of a bright coral - it's dreamy but ladylike at the same time.

And like all Catrice products, wonderfully inexpensive!

Baked Eyeshadows - €4.29

The collection features four LE baked eyeshadows, with colours and textures reminiscent of candyfloss.  In general, baked eyeshadows can be used wet or dry - dry, these have a light and delicate sheer wash of colour.  Wet, brings out the metallic effects of the shades:
  • C01 I scream: Icecream! (cool)
  • C02 Play It Blue (cool)
  • C03 Bring Me Peach (warm)
  • C04 It's Honey Money (warm)

Lip Balm Stick - €4.49

A new mash-up of lipstick and lipbalm (we've seen this type of formulation before too in some other collections), these LE Lip Balm Sticks provide a lightweight colour in a balm base.  These have a shimmer effect finish and come in two shades:
  • C01 Bring Me Peach
  • C02 Sugar Shock

Lip Peeling - €3.49

An exfoliator for your lips!  Made of sugar crystals, this can be used to remove dry and flaky skin cells by massaging over your lips in small, circular movements using the applicator.  Sure, you can make one of these yourself very easily, but it's nice to have a dedicated tool for the job :-)

  • Multi Colour Blush - €4.99

Here we see the pop of coral in the collection!  This is a baked blush and contains four marbled rosé shades, which with its soft texture is easy to blend into a shade ranging from pale peach to rosy coral.
  • C01 Sugar Shock

Multi Colour Highlighter - €5.49

The Multi Colour Highlighter combines both matte and pearlised finishes, swirled together it makes a lovely gold and silver highlighter.
  • C01 Vanilla Love

Soft Nail Lacquer - €2.79

The nail varnishes in this collection are beautiful pastel candy shades, three of which are similar to the baked eyeshadows.
  • C01 I Scream: Ice Cream! (creamy finish) - rosé pink shade
  • C02 Play It Blue (chalky/matte finish) - light blue shade
  • C03 Bring Me Peach (matte finish) - apricot/peach shade
  • C04 Vanilla Love (creamy finish) - vanilla/cream shade

Nail Sugar Pearls - €3.49

Now we're getting to the fun stuff!!!!  These are micro beads (I reviewed MUA's version of these in the past). These really are simple to use - apply your nail lacquer of choice, then while still wet, pour over the mini sugar pearls, and then leave to dry.
  • C01 Cotton Candy - pearl-cream shade
  • C02 Sugar Shock - raspberry-coral shade

Look here for more information while the link lasts.  I will most definitely be getting the micro beads :-)


  1. This is in fact the number 1 release I can't wait for, I love when a release comes out and you know you can afford it all too!!

  2. I want ALL the nail polishes!!!!


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