13 May 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Powerchrome Eye Pencils

Powerchrome Eye Pencil

MAC's latest collection, Temperature Rising, features a bunch of new products, and four new Shadestick-type eye "crayons" called Powerchrome Eye Pencils.  Let's get the annoying bit out of the way first: these are LE.

There are four colours in this collection:
  • Rich Glance (Light Gold)
  • Copper Strip (Frosty Midtone Copper)
  • Life's Luxury (Deep Bronze Brown)
  • Polished Jet (Charcoal with Pearl)

Of the four, I purchased two; Life's Luxury and Polished Jet.

As mentioned, these are similar to MAC's (discontinued) Shadesticks from the past, however they are an entirely new formulal;  although similarly metallic, these are softer and longer lasting than even Shadesticks were.

MAC Temperature Rising Powerchrome Eye Pencil in Life's Luxury

Life's Luxury is a really really warm metallic bronze-brown which is shot through with a small amount of mid-sized copper and pink glitters.  It's not enough to be scratchy and frosted, but it's definitely evident as another dimension.

MAC Temperature Rising Powerchrome Eye Pencil in Polished Jet

Polished Jet is truly gorgeous; it's a soft, warm, charcoal-grey-black with an almost-greened-silver duochrome metallic finish.  Droolsome.

L -> R: Life's Luxury, Polished Jet

I love these - they are really soft, but for all that they set and don't budge.  After about eight hours, I noticed a small amount of creasing however that's good going for my eyelids.  After maybe ten hours, I noticed some fading.  Long lasting, opaque and highly pigmented these most certainly are.

L -> R: Life's Luxury, Polished Jet

What don't I like about them?  They set quickly - really really quickly.  This is a blessing and  a curse; they're a pain the rear-end to blend-out for that reason, you really do need to whack these on and get blending with them asap.  But if you do work quickly with them (I found the MAC 217 the best brush to blend these out with, they need a slightly scratchier brush actually), you will succeed in getting either a wash of colour, or a nicely built-up metallic (but not wet-look) finish.  Layering is the way to get these to last - as with all of these better-formulated soft crayon-type eye pencils, building up layers will mean you reduce the likelihood of creasing.

Look here while they're still available.

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