16 May 2013

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Chanel's latest and greatest new mascara - Le Volume de Chanel Mascara...

Chanel have released a new (permanant line) mascara called Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in their Jeux de Regards collection.  I received a copy of the black (01 Noir) to try out.  It's fabulous - it's one of the single most beautiful, simple, elegant mascaras to give you the old your-lashes-but-better-like-you're-not-wearing-mascara-at-all look.

The three mascaras in the new collection (Jeux de Regards)

It is designed to plump-up, lengthen, thicken and intensify lashes, and it comes in three shades, Noir, Bleu and Prune.

... featuring a new applicator brush (spoolie)

According to Chanel, "the unique brush of the new mascara coats lashes from root to tip... lashes are longer, plumper, thicker and more intense... eyes are defined and look bigger with a wide-open effect".

Before: no mascara at all at all at all

I completely agree - with literally one coat, your lashes look longer and slightly thicker, but not in a clumpy stuck-together sort of way - each lash gets coated with just enough of this stuff to make them still just look like your own lashes, just a little thicker and a little blacker and a little longer - it's beautiful.

After: nice long, separated, natural-looking lashes but still quite intensely black

Part of the reason, I suspect, is the formula - it contains a combination of natural waxes (designed to boost volume and guarantee a fluid texture for application), and acacia gum (for volume and lash separation).  The other reason is likely down to the new “Snowflakes” brush, which is composed of stacks of disks with a combination of both long stiff bristles and short soft bristles.  The applicator itself is quite flexible-feeling, almost rubberised and has a little give and movement, which makes is very easy to use.

At €30 it's not an inexpensive one, but it's hard to find a decent mascara that genuinely looks like you're not wearing mascara at all.

Disclaimer: this product was kindly sent to me for consideration.


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    1. I'm personally a little obsessed with all things Chanel. For me, I love their mascaras for standard wear. They're brilliant for brides. Am not mad about them for high drama looks, but for gorgeous work-a-day stuff, they really are peerless!


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