15 May 2013

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner

This stuff, the latest in a line of new product releases from Illamasqua, is un-be-lie-vable.  It is the gel liner to end all gel liners.

My previous holy grail product, Clinique Brush-on Cream liner, has just got the boot.  David Horne, head of product development at Illamasqua, and his team, have got it just exactly perfectly right, yet again, with this product.

... nice

This is a gel-cream product which manages to combine the fluidity and ease of movement and use of any liquid liner, but without the attendant difficulties that liquid liner introduces, like bleeding into fine lines (very apropos for older or crepy-er eyelids).

One-swipe uber-black goodness

It's just exactly black enough.  And just exactly pigmented enough.  And just exactly opaque enough.  And just exactly matte enough.  It doesn't drag or pull.  It allows you to produce very accurate lines, no feathering or bleeding...

By the way, those are not fine lines above LOL
- they're me drawing in really fine lines with my liner brush ;-)
Nothing remotely precise, literally just ten seconds of playing around with it...

In literally under ten seconds flat, I was able to do an eyeliner flick and some feck-acting around (nothing anyway precise, strictly just playing with it to see what this product can do) - you can see just how black it is.

It stays wet just long enough for it to be extremely easily useable.  And then dries down and doesn't bloody budge - it's a waterproof formulation and requires some decent waterproof bi-phase eye makeup remover to get rid of it at the end of the day (seriously, it takes a bit of doing to remove this stuff).  So it's going to work in wet conditions.  Brides.  Cry-babies.  The gym.  Hot countries... It doesn't fade, or flake, it doesn't dry out, it doesn't bleed into fine lines on application.  It works on younger and older skin.  It's amazing stuff.  It's frankly what gel eyeliner should be.

Just released as part of the Paranormal collection (but permanent line), at £18 for 5g, look here for more info.  Don't bother with any other liners.  Ever again.  Seriously.

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