11 Jun 2012

Upcoming Chanel Fastrack Collections SS 2012 & New Illusion d'Ombre Shades

It's unusual for me to specifically create marketing content for products or brands, as I prefer to review products on my own steam, however on occasion there comes along something noteworthy... or perhaps a collection for which information is not readily available in the normal scheme of events.  Or something that I'm hugely excited about!!  Take for example, the Chanel Fast Track makeup collections...

Chanel create "fast-track" collections for the various Chanel fashion shows each year - these collections are usually created by Peter Philips, who is the Global Makeup Creator for Chanel.  The press releases and images for these makeup collections are very last minute, so information on them is hard to find.  On top of that, the products are generally limited edition in a very real sense, being specifically only created (a) for that collection (b) in small numbers and (c) usually available from very few points of sale.

The upcoming fast-track collections* that I'm aware of are...

1.  Blue Illusion Collection

Chanel Blue Illusion [Updated 19 June]
Launching on 13th of July this collection features all blues... [UPDATED 19 JUNE]
  • Eyes: Illusion d'Ombre / Apparition (dark navy blue with silver/grey accents) - new & LE
  • Eyes: Illusion d'Ombre / Destination (pale silver blue) - new & LE
  • Nails: Le Vernis / Sky Line (pale blue) - new & LE
  • Eyeliner: Le Crayon Yeux / Blue Aerien (dark blue) - new & LE [UPDATED 18 JUNE]
Chanel Blue Illusion Collection

2.  Bombay Express Collection

Chanel Bombay Express [Updated 19 June]
Available from 27th June and which features a lot of gold and black, and most notably
  • Eyes: Illusion d'Ombre / Mirifique (black with silver sparkles & shimmer) - repromote**
  • Eyeliner: Le Crayon Khol / 61 Noir (black) - repromote
  • Mascara: Inimitible Intense / 10 Noir (black) - repromote
  • Highlighter: Route des Indes de Chanel (pale yellow gold) - new & LE
  • Nails: Chanel le Vernis / Diwali (pale vintage gold with silver metallic reflects) - new & LE
  • Lipstick: Rouge Coco Shine / 437 Empreinte (beige with iridescent golden shimmer) - repromote [UPDATED 18 JUNE]
  • Cheeks: Joues Contrast / 03 Brume d’or (bronze brown with gold sparkles) - new & LE
** There was rumoured to be a non-glittery black Illusion d'Ombre called Nirvana due to be released as part of this collection, but sadly this is not the case!  Sad face!

Chanel Bombay Express Collection
In Ireland, all of the products for these collections are limited edition and will only be available in the Chanel Fashion Boutique of Brown Thomas Dublin, not on Chanel counters.  Take note!

Can I also refer you to this (as always!) excellent post on Café Makeup which has also collated a lot of the early information available from various points on the web.  

3.  Expressions de Chanel Collection

This is new eye campaign featuring some re-promotes and some new shades, and notably, a waterproof version of the Sublime de Chanel mascara.  Although this is not a fast-track collection, I mention it here on this post as it also features two new Illusion d’Ombre shades (which I believe will form part of the permanent line).  These two new shades are
  • Illusion d'Ombre / Vision (a yellow-gold)
  • Illusion d'Ombre / Abstraction (an orange-bronze)

Recap: Upcoming Illusion d'Ombre Shades
  • Blue Illusion: Apparition (dark navy blue with silver/grey accents) - LE
  • Blue Illusion: Destination (pale silver blue) - LE
  • Les Expressions de Chanel: Vision (pale yellow gold) - permanent
  • Les Expressions de Chanel: Abstraction (orange bronze) - permanent
*Note that these releases refer to the European release, per Chanel PR in Ireland.


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