20 Aug 2014

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara with Argan Oil - review

Having heard amazing things about this latest release from Rimmel, I was keen to try out the Wonder'Full Mascara for myself.  I'm a fan of Rimmel mascaras, my favourite mascara of all time was their Sexy Curves (sadly it now seems to be discontinued).  I needed a new mascara like I needed a hole in my head, but hey, all in the name of research, right?!

So.  At the time of writing this, I've got a vertiginous migraine and I'm a bit woozy.  So I have to be perfectly honest, this is going to be a short review.  I picked this from the recent stash as I knew it would be a short one!  Sadly - this was a bust.  It has received amazing reviews online, but I have to say it didn't work for me.

What it did do:

The pictures speak for themselves.  As you can see, this is a genuinely fantastic mascara for length - not so much for volume.  It feels wonderful; silky and slinky on application.  It feels like it's moisturising your lashes as you put it on.  It dries reasonably quickly.  It doesn't clump, not even a little bit.  It creates a really fantastic, natural, super-long super-black lash look, with no crispiness or dryness on the lashes whatsoever.  It has a great, flexible wand, that makes short work of elongating the lashes in an act, covering them with a lovely slick of very black mascara...

What it also did:

This is a weird one.  After no fewer than two hours, and this happened every single time I used it, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw dried-in/flaked-off mascara under my eyes.  Not smudged off, the way you might expect if it dried too slowly, or I rubbed my eyes.  Although it doesn't feel drying on the lashes, it seems to dry and flake off for all that.  And it feels dry, and spiky, and irritating under my eyes.  Very strange.  So I kept using it, with different combinations of liners, eyeshadows, you name it - with and without a lash primer, on its own with nothing else (as per above), not even foundation or concealer.  All yielded the same, bad, result.  I don't have dry eyes, so this is strange to me.  Given the ingredient listing, chock-full of oils and waxes, it surprises me that it acts like this.

Unfortunately this one is consigned for the bin :-(.  It cost me €7 but I believe RRP is around a tenner.  Look here for more info if you're tempted to try for yourself.

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