13 Aug 2014

Chanel Autumn 2014 Collection États Poétiques - preview

Chanel Autumn 2014 États Poétiques campaign visual

Chanel's Autumn (Fall) Makeup Collection for 2014, États Poétiques ("Poetic States") draws inspiration from a the colour pink, interpreted in a spectrum of shades, from fragile pale and shimmery pinks, through intense, bright and raspberry pinks.

There are some interestingly determined monochrome eyeshadow shades;  pinks feature, as mentioned, and are joined by purple and blackcurrant and bold yellow tones (I will be getting this one, it's so hard to get a really good pigmented yellow).  Three interesting nail polish shades join the line-up, and two understated lip glosses and some new lipsticks.  An all-new eyeliner in both black and brown, along with some other bits and pieces.  Read on...


A brand new Écriture de Chanel eyeliner pen (€33.50) in two shades makes its way into the Chanel makeup line-up:
  • Brun (brown)
  • Noir (black)
Definitely curious about this one; a good felt-tip eyeliner is one of the handiest things you can have in your makeup bag, while a bad one is really beyond irritating - in general, you'll need a mix of a firm pointed nib with some flexibility in its length (to make it usable), the liquid needs to flow well (to avoid skipping) and dry quickly enough but not too quickly... and be nicely pigmented (black felt-tip eyeliners which are not terribly pigmented are a bug-bear of mine, where's the point after all!).  I'll definitely be trying this out and looking forward to seeing what it's like.

Six Ombre Essentielle monochrome eyeshadows (€28) vary in intensity:

  • Sensation (a light shimmery pink) - LE
  • Palpitation (a deep pink) - LE
  • Hésitation (intense rosewood)
  • Pulsion (deep blackcurrant)
  • Exaltation (raspberry pink)
  • Admiration (buttercup yellow)

The quad, Ombres Poésie (€50), is LE and a riot of Autumn shades - two medium shades of
beige (one appears more creamy, one more goldy) blend together to create a satiny nude base. A light rosewood and a warm reddish-brown with violet-plum shimmers complete the quad.  I have a gorgeous Chanel neutral palette from a previous collection and I use it to death and back, but it was LE - this looks like a nice replacement.


Two Levres Scintillantes (lip gloss, €27) are released:
  • Rose Revé (soft barely there milky pink, matching Secret nail polish)
  • Songe (also barely there, this time with pearlescent multicoloured shimmers, matching Atmosphere nail polish) - LE

Four Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks (€31) feature in the collection:
  • Intime (pink)
  • Confident (rosewood - not shown here)
  • Viva (raspberry) - LE
  • Aura (blackcurrant)


Just one, new, Joues Contraste (powder) blush features.  At €38, Innocence is a warm subtle rosewood shade.


There are three rather lovely Le Vernis (€23) nail polishes in this collection (I am a sucker for Chanel nail polishes.  #629/Atmosphere (pearly pink with multi-coloured shimmers) is LE while #625/Secret (soft milky pink) and #631/Orage (anthracite grey mixed with blue --- ooooooh) are new/permanent line.

This collection is launching 15th August 2014, that's this Friday, if you're interested (try as I might, at time of publishing this post, I couldn't find a link to this collection on Chanel.com).  That yellow eyeshadow will be mine...

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