18 Aug 2014

Chanel Collection États Poétiques - first impressions

First of a few quick posts for this week (I'm trying something new!)  Also, MontyC has been on vacation so I'm filling-in today...

So I went into town on Friday last to take a gander at the new Chanel collection for Autumn (Fall) '14 (look here for the preview post).  I had great plans for some of the products, but it appears that only the counter products had arrived, and none of those I'd thought I'd like to purchase.

The yellow above (Admiration - mono eyeshadow) I had planned to purchase but it was disappointing; what you see above represents three very heavy swipes.  Like many many yellows, it's just not great on the pigmentation side of things, and slightly frosted and very chalky.  I'll be giving it a miss, even when it arrives in-store.  The pink (Palpitation) on the other hand is gorgeous, slightly shimmery and lovely.

The lipgloss to the very left, Songe, was gorgeous, but I couldn't get it to show up on my lips, so I likely won't be bothered with it.  However if you were already wearing a strong colour on your lips, something very definite that you wanted to twist up a bit, you could do worse than push something like this on top.

The real coup - and the counter didn't have any of these for sale yet either - were the two new Écriture eyeliners, on the left in brown (Brun), on the right in black (Noir).  Super-pigmented, slightly glossy finish, nicely pointed nib but with great movement/flexibility, I could see these being nice to use (I'll have to wait until they come on counter to purchase one to see).  Only complaint was that they are super super wet, which means they'll bleed somewhat on application, likely making them not terribly suitable for more mature eyes (of course, try it yourself to see what you think).

That's it.  Let me know if you prefer these shorter posts...

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