11 Aug 2014

Estée Lauder Revitalising Supreme Creme - review

For today's Mondays With MontyC, I'm featuring another case of the accidental review.  Several weeks ago now, I went to Estée Lauder with the sole intention of asking about their Advanced Night Repair II serum (see tomorrow for a review of this!) and I came away with samples of the Perfectionist serum and samples of this moisturiser, the Revitalising Supreme Creme.  I liked the serum, so, how did I get on with the moisturiser?

According to Estée Lauder, this is a "high-performance, multi-action crème" with "the power to respond to your skin's changing needs and helps significantly reduce the appearance of multiple signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and dehydration".  Pretty loft claims.  Apparently it uses a new technology called "IntuiGen Technology" which helps skin cells boost natural anti-ageing functions.

Given that I don't have any wrinkles yet, only a few fine lines around my eyes, I can't comment on the reduction of lines and wrinkles because there aren't really any there to reduce (just yet anyhow!)  What it did do however, and which I really liked, was to leave my skin looking like it was super hydrated (but not in any way greasy).  This cream is usable as both a day and a night cream after your serum; Estée Lauder recommend that this cream be used in conjunction with their Advanced Night Repair II serum to maximise the effects, which I duly did.  They worked beautifully together but this cream performed just as well with other serums so it doesn't have to be used exclusively with the Advanced Night Repair.

The cream itself is a light golden colour, is rich and creamy, and feels beautifully soft on the skin. One thing to note though is its fragrance.  I wouldn't describe it as overpowering, but if you're not a fan of fragrant moisturisers, this may prove too strong for you (it's borderline for me).  The price point on this product is presented without comment (some will consider it expensive, some, average, some, decent).  The 30ml pot is €56, the 50ml is €75 and the 75ml is €90.  Ingredients-wise, this is water-and-silicone based  Coeliacs may want to watch out (it contains barley extract).  Caffeine will help wake your skin up.  I enjoyed using my samples of this but would probably personally skip purchasing a full-size, given its high quantity of silicones.

Until next time (tomorrow as it happens!)

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