19 Aug 2014

Bourjois Liner Clubbing Ultra Black - review

Another drugstore (Superdrug) purchase, this time the turn of the Bourjois Liner Clubbing in Ultra Black.  I'd left my beloved Dior liquid liner behind on a recent trip "up north" so I purchased this one to do me for the evening that was in it.  What did I think?  So-so...

I'm a put-makeup-on-at-stupid-early-o'clock kinda gal, and I expect it to last me the day.  Powdering and lippie re-application, sure, these things are necessary enough, and if I've barely thrown on some quick eye makeup, that might fade, but I really don't expect a liquid liner or a mascara to die a death during the day.  This is my main complaint with this stuff.  It doesn't last.

As you can see, this has a superfine nib/tip (it's a tapered brush, actually), far thinner even then my lovely Dior.  So far so promising.  The liner itself is a good formulation;  fluid enough to flow without skipping or dragging.  It dries relatively fast and dries-down into a finish somewhere between glossy and matte.

As you can see, this lovely superfine brush allows you to draw really thin lines, or to get blobby with it and everything in between :-)  And it really is lovely and black...

Case-in-point: super-thin eyeliner flick from super-fine liquid eyeliner brush applicator.  This took a couple of swipes to get it fully opaque, mind.

All great so far - very pigmented, great to work with, thin or thicker lines possible, good formulation, dries relatively quickly.  Here's the bit where it gets annoying.  Despite Bourjois' claims that this has been tested by clubbers to last all night, complete with sweaty dancing and whatnot, it hasn't once lasted me a full day (with no sweaty dancing and hardly any whatnot ;-)).  It dries, over the course of the day, and flakes off.  Every time I try it out.  For the record I have normal-to-slightly oily lids.  I'd understand if I had very dry lids, but I don't.  While it doesn't budge for the first four hours or so of wearing it, after that, it dessicates on the skin.  So perhaps if you want a really good liner that only lasts a few hours, this is a find.  However, as a day-long normal-usage tool, forgetaboutit... I'll stick to my Dior (for portability) and my MAC Acrylic Paint (which is hands-down the best "liquid liner" you can use!)

This cost me £6.99.  Presumably then, it'll cost you around the tenner (euro) mark down here.  Look here for more info if you're interested.  Personally, while there are things I like about it, it doesn't do what I want it to, which is to last the entire day.  I imagine that I will use it the odd time, but I won't reach for it specifically over another option, and I won't repurchase.

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