7 Feb 2014

Some YouTube inspiration for the weekend!

Every so often you have to take a break.  Take the head up away and out of the bag of tricks to be used, trialled, reviewed.  Stop worrying about logging your experiences and writing about the latest thing.  Ignore the piling up PR information in your inbox and go find your inspiration again, have fun with makeup, watch movies, play with a new product just for yourself, plan your fancy-pants look for your next Big Night Out (sadly which get fewer and farther between as I get older and busier - but I do have a huge night out coming up in an extremely fancy restaurant, and I am planning my hair and face already :-))

For me, YouTube has actually become a real treat - I just don't have the time anymore to watch videos. So several months later since I last checked out my feed, and slightly disappointed to discover that most of my favourite gurus, to whom I've been subscribed for years, either are far less prolific than before, or I'm growing out of them, I started to look at some of their "back catalogue" of videos.

Here's some of the ones that have reminded me of what I love about makeup... creativity... laughing... fun!

From CutePolish on YouTube

Cutepolish's wonderful tutorial on Newspaper nails.  Did I post about this one before?  It's such a cute idea, such a cool trick, really works too - I've done it.  Love doing this over really girlie chalky pastel pink nails...  Look here to watch it.

From BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

Next up - red, but not quite Valentines' Day red :-)  BeautifulYouTV does great videos, I am not crazy about her editing sometimes, but some of the special effects ones are particularly brilliant.  This is one of my favourites.  I am so totally doing this one for halloween next year!  Watch it here (not if you're squeamish - it's freakishly realistic!)

From Dope2111 (Promise Phan) on YouTube

No list would be complete without something from Promise Phan, one of the most talented YouTubers out there who can literally turn herself into anyone!  Watch here as she turns herself into both Edward and Bella from the Twilight movies.  Forget about whether you love or hate (or have been living under a rock and have never seen) the movies.  This is a great study in the power of contouring.

From KlaireDeLys on YouTube

Extra-ordinarily talented and beautiful, I love this ladies' work... in particular some of her older videos, and anything anyway creative or intricate.  She knows how to have fun with makeup, most of her tools and products are inexpensive/drugstore and her artistry is beyond fantastic.  Watch here for KlairedeLys' Cheryl Cole eye makeup from her Parachute video - not remotely difficult, and all explained with Klaire's gorgeously somnambulist voice :-)

From Screen Junkies on YouTube
There's absolutely no reason why this screenshot is larger than the others.  It has nothing to do with Yer Man in it or the drool I'm wiping offa my face at the moment ;-)

And finally - not makeup related, but great for a laugh - I love the Screen Junkies Honest Trailers series of videos.  Their latest skit on Thor the Dark World is watchable here (go check some of the other ones out too - they're hilarious).  And if you love cats and like a laugh, check out some of Parole de Chat's videos.  This one in particular makes me cry laughing each time.

That's it - enough from me today.  Hope I left you laughing.  Back next week with some new collections, some reviews of current collections, and maybe some new brushes... it's been a while since I've done some brush reviews!  Have a great weekend all!

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