12 Feb 2014

Six Super Skinny Eyeliner Brushes

My favourite standard and skinny eyeliner brushes

It has been a while since I've done a brush post.  I had recently purchased the Louise Young LY24A & LY24B to join my crop of LY24s (when I like a brush, I generally buy a bunch of 'em, some for my kit, some for me, and I always build-in backups and redundancies ;-)).

Anyhow, my previous go-to skinnny/fine eyeliner brushes, the LY24 and the Hakuhodo Tentsuke (you can read more about 'em, and a bunch of other eyeliner brushes, on this post here) need to move over, there are two even skinnier eyeliners on the prowl...

Warning link- and image- heavy post.

OK, the title is somewhat misleading - I just wanted the alliteration!  It's actually five skinny eyeliner brushes (LY24, LY24A, LY24B, Hakuhodo Tensuke, MAC 210) and a comparison liner brush (MAC 209) :-)

(from the Louise Young website)

Having been looking for an even finer liner than those previous two loves of mine, I think I noticed Sam from Pixiwoo using either the LY24A or B recently - can't remember which, and it reminded me to look at the Louise Young site.  As you can see from the pictures, both the Superfine Eyeliner (LY24A) and the Ultrafine Eyeliner (LY24B) are both pretty skinny, with the LY24B being the skinniest of the two.  

yes, I know they're upside-down :-)

If I'm honest the LY24A is probably the best of the two; in general I prefer sable eyeliner brushes, but in this instance, there are so few hairs in both brush, that I just found the synthetic fibres of the LY24A grabbed and applied product better.

Standard & Skinny Eyeliners at work - as listed in pink above...
... and up extremely close n personal
The brushes to match the lines...

I love eyeliner.  I love graphic eyeliner, understated eyeliner, flicks of varying shapes and sizes, coloured liner, black liner, speckled liner, soft liner, you name it.  I particularly love double liner, or even triple liner, and it really does help to have super/ultra/uber/seriously-fine ;-) brushes to produce detailed work or really super thin, super precise lines in the small area you have to work with around your eyes.  There's a post I've done, oh yonks ago on eyeliner brushes in general. if you're a total brush nerd, like me :-)

You can buy these skinny liners from Louise Young here, or Harvey Nichols in Dublin has a kind of small sad looking jar with a handful of LY brushes available to purchase...  but usually just the more popular ones (like the LY02 and LY34 foundation brushes - more information here on these if you're interested!)

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