5 Feb 2014

Illamasqua I'm the One Collection - preview

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the old red lip, and Illamasqua combined.  My favourite colour lippie.  And my favouite OTT makeup brand.  What could be a better mix?

Illamasqua are celebrating Valentines' Day this year with a collection called I'm The One.  It's a mini collection.  A collection-ette, if you will.  If you're as obsessed with red as I, you'll love it.  A new red lipgloss (Touch) and a new lipliner (Feisty) join the existing scarleh' nailpolish (Throb) and lippie (Maneater) and are available now from the Illamasqua site here.  I also love that Illamasqua do "moving swatches" of their products, and show them on different skin tones.  Fantastic idea!

The products:

Cheapest is the liner (€14), the lipgloss and nailvarnish will set you back €14.50 and the lippie will cost ya €16.50.  Or buy 'em all together in one go for €50 (a saving of €9.50).  I have Maneater and Throb already.  I do so love red.  It's not just for Valentines' Day ya know.  And I don't much care that they're seen as a bit too outré for my current day-time desk job, I still wear red lips "loud and proud"!  It makes a statement.  Even if that statement is only I didn't have time to style my hair and my trousers are the same as the once I wore yesterday but hey, look, look, up here, I've got red lips!!

Illamasqua are also running a competition at the moment - if you send a red lipstick selfie to @Illamasqua on Twitter with hashtag #IMTHEONE between now and the 15th of February, you'll be entered in a free draw for an item from the collection.  One of these days I'll do a swatch of every single red lippie I own.  It'll be a long post :-)

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