28 Feb 2014

Catrice Liquid Gold Topper - review

Oh my giddy aunt I love Catrice, I really do.  Bargains like no other and very impressive quality.  This week I'm raving about the Liquid Gold Topper in Jungle Treasure from Catrice's LE Glamazona line (look here for more information).

Shimmery molten gloriousness.  In a nutshell. 

The packaging consists of a dinky little 5ml frosted glass bottle with wild leopard print, very feisty looking. The applicator is a glass dropper which is handy I guess if you want to use it mixed in with a body moisturiser for example, but as I was using it solely as an eyeshadow topper I would have preferred a little sponge dauber or something of the sort.  Instead, it's a case of squirting a drop onto the back of your hand and applying with your fingertip.

Catrice Liquid Gold Topper - splodged a bit, dotted a bit :-)
The liquid itself isn't really a gold-y liquid but more of a suspension of gold particles in a water-based solution, like a very very very fine glitter.  You really have to shake the bejayzus out of it to mix it up as it separates when its at rest. 

I don't like "glittery" makeup or body shimmers at all, but I do love a metallic eyeshadow.  You could go either way with this topper.  I tried it on my lids without any eyeshadow base (see photo for results) and it is quite glittery, but it's fine enough to be acceptable in/on my eyes.

You get the same sort of transparent gold shimmery, almost holographic effect over brightly coloured eyeshadows.  But how it really wowed me was when I tried it over my usual grungey brown, olive and bronze shades.  Think less sparkly gold and more sexy oozy gold.  If that makes sense, probably doesn't but I have provided visual aids...

(Out come my glasses and meter stick)

In the photo shown you can clearly see that the gold particles meld beautifully and seamlessly with the very slightly metallic brown shadow used underneath (from the Catrice Absolute Nude palette, a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. Bloody brilliant, in case you were wondering).   This was a very basic quick application, no real contour trickery, but the result is, I think, frickin' impressive. 

Gorgeous.  If you have green eyes like me or brown/hazel eyes, the gold really highlights any warm yellow/gold flecks in your irises.  Magnificent.  Am I getting my point across?  Shimmer like a mermaid with an all over glisten by simply adding a drop into your usual lotion.  Rule like a goddess with striking high impact highlights on your cheekbones, brow bones, collar bones and shins.  Hypnotise like a, ehhh hypnotist, with an alluring slick of this on your lids. 

I found it to last really very well.  I wore it all day, to the shops, the library, playing with the kids (I'm not always so glamorous haha!) and only towards the very end of the day did I begin to notice it creasing and fading.  There was a very small amount of fallout shortly after application but this was very simply swept away with a makeup brush, not the usual ordeal of finding bits of glitter in obscure places days later.  Did I mention that I love this stuff! And at about €4.50 any girl (or boy) on any budget can manage a magical shimmer.  I surprised myself with this, I didn't expect to fall so hard for something so shiny! My bottle is rapidly running out and I want more!

For more product information or to purchase (while still available) click here :-)

Until next time, glisten majestically!
Emer xx (theartymama)

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