18 Feb 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres 2014 Eyes Collection - preview

Chanel Les 4 Ombres 2014 Eyes Collection - campaign visual
This look couldn't be more "me" if it tried!

First created in 1982, Chanel's Les 4 Ombres have enjoyed continuous success over the years, and most new collections have featured new quads, some new, some LE.  In fact, I think it was Chanel who first ever actually introduced the concept of the eyeshadow quad.

This collection features items entirely dedicated to the eyes and takes its inspiration from tweet, the iconic fabric of the House of Chanel.  The quads are inspired by a selection of House tweeds, in which each of the four shadows in each quad represents one of the coloured threads present in a particular fabric tweed.

I know someone who is Chanel-obsessed and who loves her eyeshadow quads.  She'll likely think that this collection is all about her.  I can tell you know, from looking at the campaign visual, that it's like Chanel are speaking to me.  Directly :-)

The Quads

There are eight quads released in this collection!  Eight!  The eyeshadows are silky soft, chock-full of pigments, contain absolutely no fillers (like talc for example).  The shades are intense and the finishes are diverse - from satin to sheer to the iridescent to metallic:
  • #202/Tissé Camélia - greyish lilac, rosy white, aubergine brown and lavender pink
  • #224/Tissé Riviera - metallic blue, light pink, matte black, dove grey with pink shimmer
  • #204/Tissé Vendome - deep beige, beige peach, greyish brown, intense apricot
  • #226/Tissé Rivoli - golden taupe, light rosy beige, reddish brown, rosy golden beige
  • #208/Tissé Gabrielle - delicate grey, iridescent white gold, velvet black grey, greyish mauve
  • #228/Tissé Cambon - iridescent mauve, bluish pale pink, blackcurrant velvet, intense pink
  • #214/Tissé Mademoiselle - intense beige, satiny yellow, khaki brown, luminous beige
  • #232/Tissé Vénitien - bluish green, silver pink, intense green, platinum khaki *

I wish I could say I don't want any of them.  That I am not usually particularly bothered by quads.  But I just love the images for these.  All of them!  Still, at €50 a pop, I think I'll confine my looking to just that this time around :-)  Although I might look a little harder at this one* :-)

The Eyeliners

Four Stylo Yeux Waterproof (€23.00) shades are being repromoted as part of the collection to match the eyeshadows and mascaras:
  • #905/Smoky Grey - a subtle green grey
  • #906/Marron Glacé - a soft brown
  • #908/Iris - a luminous violet-plum blue
  • #909/Bleu Metallique - an electric ultramarine

The Mascaras

At €31.00, new and re-promote Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof mascara shades complete the collection:
  • #10/Noir - black
  • #20/Brun - chocolate brown
  • #30/Vert Grisé - khaki green (new)

This collection is available for perusal or purchase from the 7th of March.  My picks (purely on the basis of the PR images) would be the 232/Tissé Vénitien quad, the #30/Vert Grisé mascara and the #905/Smoky Grey liner...

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