20 Jan 2014

Le Lift: the new Smart Cream from Chanel - preview

Chanel really have had a year of great product releases when it comes to skincare.  Of course the most exciting was their new Trio (Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend), which really are amazing products to help "reset" and re-balance the skin.  They've also released their first CC Cream.  An extension of the existing Sublimage range features new textures for different skin types, and additions to their Hydra Beauty range saw new eye cream and new moisturising mist created just in time for the summer weather, along with two new SPF face creams (SPF20, SPF30) joining the existing SPF50 face protector.  And that's not even getting into the details of some of the innovative makeup products that were released (mostly, sadly, as LE items) during the year.  Following on from 2013's interesting progress, Chanel will be releasing a brand new concept in skincare very soon - this week in fact!  Named Le Lift, this is a smart skincare programme, which claims to adapt to different skintypes to deliver targeted lift action.

Available in three different textures (Le Lift Creme, Le Lift Creme Fine, Le Lift Creme Riche) from pretty much now onwards, each will cost approximately €107 for a 50g jar, so it's up there with Chanel's more expensive range, Sublimage, in terms of price.

In terms of how it works?  I've read through a 42-page PR document that was genuinely and actually fascinating in terms of explaining the details, but there's no way I can honestly condense this into a blog post.  What it boils down to is that Chanel's R&D Labs, since about 2008, have been heavily involved in research into epigenetics, the study of "the mechanisms of temporal and spatial control of gene activity during the development of complex organisms", or in other words, anything other than our DNA sequence that influences our development, and how, specifically, it pertains to ageing.

As a quick and dirty explanation, Chanel's R&D Labs have discovered proteins more readily available in younger skin, and a bunch of chemical "RNA switches" in the body which regulate these proteins, and three of these switches in particular which play a large role in skin ageing - as the more these chemical switches multiply over time (as we naturally age), the more they suppress the "youth" proteins which help to keep our skin supple and elastic.  So far so slightly complicated, the next trick for Chanel was to find a way to control, or regulate these chemical RNA switches (incidentally called Micro RNAs or MiRs), which in theory helps to slow down this ageing process.  And find it they did, in the roots of the Edulis plant.  Using a patented extraction technique, Chanel have found a way to milk this plant in an ecologically sound way, which in addition to removing the concentrate from the roots, results in no plants being destroyed and no crops of the plant being depleted.  This in itself is even of interest to me, geek that I am!

I think I'll leave the details at that.  Suffice it to say, the more I read about it, the more I understand the price, which given the six years of research, not just into the product, but the mechanisms of growing and milking the plants used to create the ingredients in the product, is actually not terribly ridiculous.  Especially if it lives up to its claims.  The product is new, innovative, produced in an interesting and ecologically friendly way, and boasts to smooth wrinkles (even deep ones apparently), redefine the face's contours, help the skin regain suppleness and elasticity.  Speaking as someone interested in skincare, interested in innovation and technology, and as someone who is getting older and needs all the help they can get, this product release is one is one I am seriously interested in knowing more about.

Look out for this from tomorrow onwards - launch date was 17th of January but I haven't seen it on-counter as of yet.  Look here for more information on this new and innovative product.

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