22 Jan 2014

Guest Post (Nina's Bargain Beauty) - Blank Canvas Cosmetics F25 Powder/Bronzer Brush Review

Today you're getting two posts for the price of one!

I'm doing a blog swap and this is the first in a series of guest posts with another blogger - this one from the lovely Nina who writes a blog called Nina's Bargain Beauty, a blog I have been following for some time now, written by the refreshingly upbeat and bubbly Nina.  I love reading her posts, which are usually all about drugstore and bargain skincare and makeup!  Go check out her blog now if you don't already and maybe you'll find another blog love.  First, have a read through her guest post below, and then please go and take a look at my post on her blog (link is here).

Ohhhhh Have I got news for you ladies and gents out there :) 
You see before you a picture of a brand new brush by Blank Canvas Cosmetics - yes and yet another Rave review might I add .

Hello by the way LOL sorry got a bit carried away without even saying hello to you all :)
I get like this when I have something new to show you or have a rave review to type up.  I jump ten steps forward!

You all know at this stage judging by all my rave reviews that I adore Blank Canvas Cosmetics, especially their brush range, as its totally amazing, affordable and so professional you couldn't ask for better.  In fact if you asked me which brush is my favourite I would really have to sit and think about it long and hard because each one of them do their job amazingly. 
I am sure everyone knows BCC by now but if you don't, Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an Irish company set up by the brilliant makeup artist Una Tynan.  Her philosophy is as she states "We see the face as a "Blank Canvas" with endless possibilities" - I love it!  She set out to design good quality professional brushes at affordable prices.  Blank Canvas has so many offers going you nearly have to spend a day choosing which you would like to try first.  They sell single brushes, brush combo sets, eyeshadow palettes, face palettes the lists goes on.  

I am so excited to share this new brush with you which is been released this Friday.  It will retail for €17.99 and guess what - there is currently 20% off all single brushes and brush sets on Blank Canvas Cosmetics website this month so you can take full advantage in getting an even better deal on it :)  I can tell this is going to be a hit.

The New F25 Powder/Bronzer brush is incredibly soft from the moment you use it you feel like you are using cotton buds on your face.  The fibres of the brush are well compacted yet not too tightly packed which means less product is used while applying your powder and bronzer.  

The size of this brush is perfect for any shaped face and soft enough for ones who have super sensitive skin.  I have used this for all over powder, applying powder blush and also applying bronzer.  I even find this perfect for contouring as the shape allows you to contour with confidence.  You can literally use this brush for what ever you need.  I have also used this brush for contouring with a liquid foundation (foundations that are too dark for my skin) and found it buffs out brilliantly.

Of course I have added this to one of my favourites list from BCC and I am sure a lot of you will also be purchasing for some of the different uses that I mentioned above :)

Dont forget to keep you eye out for its release this Friday - you automatically get 20% off until the end of January.  If you are reading this and missed the sale,  you can still get a discount by using "Nina" as a discount code.

Thank you so much to Make Up For Dolls for inviting me to do a Guest Blog Swap - it was so much fun!

I really hope you enjoyed my review and If you got this brush let me know what you think of it :)
Until next time Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina xxxxxxxx

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