27 Jan 2014

Clarins Extra Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream - review


Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream

I love a good cleanser. In fact, I go so far as to say that I'm a bit of a cleansing nut. I genuinely believe that cleaning your face properly is one of the best things you can do for it. On clean skin, every product you use on it will be more effective and be honest peeps, who'd prefer to have a dirty face to that?

The cleanser I want to talk about today is the Clarins Extra Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream (say that with a few biscuits in your mouth!)  This product (which costs €20) comes in a tube (nice and hygienic). 

The cleanser itself is a thick cream (as you can see from the picture).  Its scent is light, fresh and absolutely gorgeous.  Clarins recommend using their Professional Cleansing Method with this product (I didn't realise they had one!) and here is what it entails:

  • Apply cream to face and neck
  • Use your hands to make fast suction-like motions by quickly pressing down and removing hands
  • The cleanser thickens and produces a 'suction' effect that releases and eliminates make-up, impurities and traces of pollution without irritating the skin or disturbing tissues

So in the interest of research, this is what I did, morning and evening, for several days to see if it made a difference.  Personally I couldn't see that it made any particular huge difference, and I went back to using it the way I normally would. 

One thing I will say, if you plan to use this cleanser to take off your makeup, you will need to do a double cleanse (either use this cleanser twice or use something else to take off the makeup first and then cleanse with this).  You will need to use a separate eye makeup remover. 

The key ingredients of this cleanser are:

  • Bio-Ecolia: preserves the skin's natural balance
  • Saponaria: a gentle, natural foaming agent
  • Shea Butter: nourishes, softens, smoothes
  • Jojoba oil: slows moisture loss
  • Palm oil: moisturises
  • Vitamins A and E: improve skin quality

This gorgeous cleanser does all of the above.  It feels beautiful on the skin and leaves it feeling really clean and fresh.  Clarins recommend it for all skin types and I can most definitely confirm that my dry, dehydrated skin absolutely loved it.  Another winner from Claris!

This was gratefully received as a PR sample.

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  1. Nice product... it can human body to fight against pollution... air now in delhi


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