16 Jan 2014

Inglot Berry Beautiful Spring Makeup Launch - preview

Inglot Berry Collection - campaign visual

Inglot's new Spring makeup launch is arriving in-store tomorrow, the 16th of January and features gorgeous matching new lipsticks, nail varnishes and eyepencils in warm berry shades, extending the darker shades of Wintertime into spring...

Inglot Berry Collection for Spring 2014 - display showing new lipsticks and nail polishes

Unless you've been living under a bush, you'll know that berry shades have been huge for around two years, and in this launch, Inglot have created five new lipstick shades and six new nail varnishes, along with expanding the range of Kohl Eye Pencils by an additional three colours, brown, navy and berry.


New Lipstick shades from Inglot Berry collection

These five new Lipstick shades (€12) are all beautiful, dark, vampy, intense, moody colours.  I personally dislike the numbering scheme Inglot employ - I prefer to use names rather than numbers, but this is a minor bugbear.  I love the look of #294 in particular above... looking forward to a look at these soon.

Nail Varnish

Inglot Berry collection - six new nail varnish shades

The six new O2M Nail Enamels (€13) are equally dark and moody, adding black, midnight blue, and a warm milky chocolate brown to two purple-based shades and one slightly darkened crimson.  I'm liking the look of #694, the blue one :-)


Inglot Berry collection - new kohl pencil shades

The three new Kohl Pencil shades (€14) are designed to match the nails/lips.  I do love the Inglot black Kohl pencil (it's really really super black) and I'd expect nothing less from these in terms of pigmentation, interested to try these out - all are shades I (more or less have already) but I love the look of #02 in particular.

As with all Inglot launches, they're celebrating with a generous 10% discount off all products (not just the Spring collection) all day in store, which is a nice incentive to purchase.  Available 16th January in (that's today, peeps!) in Inglot stores all around Ireland.

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