7 Aug 2013

Nirvanesque Yeux Eye Contour Cream - a review

Nirvanesque Yeux - new eye contour cream from Nuxe

As mentioned in my recent post, NUXE have added to the Nirvanesque range with a number of new products, and the Nirvanesque Yeux is one I was kindly sent to trial.  I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and here are my thoughts.

Per my post, this formula is "a lovely lightweight, non-greasy gel-cream enriched with pearly particles, active ingredients, some (very light, almost imperceptible) corrective pigments, plant caffeine to fight against dark circles and hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturise and plump-out the eye contour area".

What I found - this has an instant cooling and tightening effect on application (a few of us have been trying this one out in parallel and we have all reported the same result in this regard).  The product contains plant caffeine so this is going to help keep your eyes feel awake and help combat minor dark circles.  I can absolutely most certainly definitely attest to this - this is the only product I've ever used which has lived up to this claim.  It is not going to kill them completely, but it certainly helps - whether that is a result of its active ingredients or its corrective pigments, I can't say - but it certainly works.  Hyaluronic acid, as most will know, is designed to plump-out the skin, and it certainly helped with this (a small amount but it was definitely evident after two weeks).

Personally I didn't find it any way drying on my eyes, and it didn't cause any sensitivity in that delicate area.  There is a slight scent (mainly green tea), but it's inoffensive enough and fades reasonably quickly, so if you're concerned about scented products close to your eyes/nose, don't be (I usually am, and furthermore I'm not a green tea scent fan, but this didn't bother me at all).

Due out in September and at only €36.30, which is very inexpensive for a very good eye contour cream.  A lot more pharmacies are now stocking NUXE, making it much easier to get hold of.  Look here for more information.  Recommended.  Highly so.

Disclaimer: this product was kindly sent to me for my consideration, but my opinions are honestly reported.

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