11 Jul 2013

Nirvanesque - a new range of skincare from NUXE

Are you my age?  Are you starting to notice, with some trepidation and mild horror, verging on panic, that the inexorable march of time, and gravity, the busy-ness associated with jobs (two in my case plus a busy blogging half-job!), significant others, babies (not for me, but definitely for some), and the attendant micro-stresses and micro-tensions assocated with frowning and smiling for the same number of years (hopefully more smiling than frowning!) are all conspiring to translate into the first appearance of expression lines?

NUXE, who brought us the industry-standard dry oil (Huile Prodigieuse) have released an update to their skincare range called Nirvanesque.  The first Nirvanesque cream (for normal skin) was released in 2004, and following on from its success story (apparently a jar is sold every 18 seconds around the world), three new products join the original cream to cater for all skin types.  This range is specifically designed to target those in the 30-40 age group.  If that's you, read on!

This new range provides three new products, two skincare products to join the original cream, and one eye treatment product, designed to brighten your complexion and relax your features and aim to smooth the first signs of those expression lines.

Nirvanesque Cream

The original Nirvanesque cream, for normal skin

A smooth textured cream, enriched with Musk Rose Oil which combines hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties.  This is the original cream for normal skin, repackaged in a more eco-friendly container and retailing at €36.30.

Nirvanesque Enrichie Cream

The new Nirvanesque Enrichie cream, for dry-very dry skin

A smooth and velvety cream enriched with nourishing Macadamia Oil designed to nourish and provide comfort to parched skin (dry to very dry skin types, in other words).  This will retail at €36.30.

Nirvanesque Light

The new Nirvanesque light cream, for combination skin

Designed to appeal to those who like a matte finish, this soft cream-lotion is enriched with mattifying Rice Powder and Enantia Chlorantha to reduce sebum.  This one is designed for combination skin and will retail at €21.60.

Nirvanesque Yeux*

The new Nirvanesque Yeux, for eye contour area

A thin, non-greasy almost gel-cream enriched with pearly particles, active ingredients, some (very light) corrective pigments, plant caffeine to fight against dark circles and hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturise and plump-out the eye contour area.  This eye contour treatment will retail at €36.30.

Reading the PR information on this I was struck by the botox-like nature of the products used, and delighted to read that there are lots of plant-based extracts used in their formulation.   A lot of clinical research has gone into these extracts, but without overly confusing the whys and the where-to-fores**, the highlights feature 

  • Tree Peony Root Extract (which apparently provides a de-stressing and relaxing action to the skin at a molecular level - ie help smooth out those lines), and
  • Blue Lotus Seed, Poppy Seed and Althea Root (to reduce skin’s micro-tensions - ie help smooth out those lines)
Each of these active ingredients is part of an exclusive NUXE patent application and all combine in a way to offer skincare "designed to relax tension related to the face’s natural movement and expressions" (ie help smooth out those lines) (get the picture?).  In addition, the products are gently scented with green tea and mimosa.

These products will be available on-counter in September in Arnotts, Doc Morris and other selected pharmacies nationwide.  If you like to use plant-based products, and you're in the target demographic, I recommend a look.

* I have received a press sample of this - watch out for a review to follow when I've had some time to use it
** If anyone is interested in the science behind this, please feel free to ping me and I'm happy to forward the information!


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