2 Aug 2013

How I... store my nail varnishes

This is one of my favourite “how I” posts, because it really speaks to my inner OCD child: how I store my nail varnishes.

I purchased acrylic shelving specifically manufactured for nail varnish storage…

Empty nail varnish storage device :-)

… each holds somewhere between 40 and 50-ish bottles, and as you can see, I have them arranged - very approximately - in order of colour (this is where the OCD kicks-in!):

As these are shallow, I simply store them one in front of the other...
... but they're designed to be wall hung

I particularly like this as I can see at a glance what I’ve got, and in what shade – whereas before, in the past, these were rattling around a few different drawers etc and I really had no clue what shades I had *.

I know, I know, such a problem to have to deal with :-)

The only criticism I have of these is that they don’t contain a lip on the shelves or a guard to stop the individual nail polishes from falling out, but then again since I no longer have a cat :-) and don’t have childer-beasts running around swiping at everything on every surface, I’m ok with this; they haven’t fallen out yet.

At some future point in time I may mount these on the wall (they have pre-drilled holes for this purpose), but at the moment they’re happily taking up very little counter-top footprint, so I’m happy with them as-is – but if I do this, then I’ll have to find some way to make sure they don’t fall off their shelves.  This could easily be fixed in any number of ways, for example I could drill tiny holes in either end of each shelf and thread some picture wire through and pull taut to provide a guard.  Or I could hinge them together, and add a clasp so that they close shut.  Or possibly do both.  In an ideal world, where I had time for all of this stuff!

Or (probably easier) I could attach tiny magnets to the bottom of each bottle, and a strip of magnets onto each shelf.  This is my more likely solution, should I find some spare time at some point.

I bought these online directly from an acrylics manufacturer some time ago in the UK, but there’s a bunch of similar acrylics manufacturers in Ireland you could try contacting and/or on ebay.

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