8 Aug 2013

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation & Instant Concealer

Due for release on 15th of September, Clarins is releasing a completely new foundation and concealer that I'm very interested to try out, as both are effectively skincare/cosmetic hybrid products.  I have a small (but very loyal) set of ladies (whose makeup I do for family and other events) who categorically swear by their Clarins foundation - to the point of refusing point blank to permit me to use any other brand or type of "tint" on their skin :-)

The new foundation, Clarins Extra Comfort SPF 15 is an exclusive new formula that plumps, hydrates and nourishes and is designed specifically as an age-control foundation.  The Instant Concealer is a new concealer (I'm not a concealer junkie, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not... well...)

This is a heads up promo post, I will be trialling it and reviewing these separately.

Clarins Instant Concealer

The new Clarins Instant Concealer will come in four shades: 01, 02 and 03, 04 (01 - 03 will be available in Ireland from what I can tell) and will retail at €24 for 15ml.  As mentioned, it is in effect a hybrid skin-care/cosmetic product, designed to revive and smooth as well as conceal the eye area.  From a skincare perspective, it contains aloe vera extract which promotes soft skin and cools and soothes the delicate skin of the under-eye.  It also contains caffeine extract which helps to de-puff and diminish the signs of fatigue.  Caffeine also helps with stimulating the skin's micro-circulation abilities and I personally swear by it in eye products for old, for young, for hungover, for tired, for a little extra "ooomph".

From a cosmetic perspective, this concealer contains the Clarins exclusive Light Optimizing+ Complex which is designed to both correct and illuminate.  This complex contains correcting pigments which are opposite (on the colour wheel) to the hues contained in the dark circles, so aiming to neutralise dark circles.

The shades are as follows:
  • 01 - for fair skin with blue dark circles
  • 02 - for medium skin with brownish-purple dark circles
  • 03, 04 - for dark skin with brownish-black to black dark circles

Results found in empirical tests:

The results here sound impressive enough to warrant a look-see when it comes out I think... I have personally found that correctors and illuminators, generally poor bed-fellows make, but I'll likely give it a whirl to see.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation

The new Extra Comfort Foundation will be another skincare-cosmetic duo and will come in a nine different shades, retailing at €43 for 30ml.   The shades available in Ireland will be 
  • 104 - Cream
  • 105 - Nude
  • 107 - Beige
  • 108 - Sand
  • 109 - Wheat
  • 110 - Honey
  • 111 - Toffee
  • 112 - Amber
  • 113 - Chestnut
  • 114 - Cappuccino
... from moderately light to moderately dark (ie to suit the majority of Irish skins - I'd prefer to see a wider range available, but it is what it is).

This new product is designed to "plump, hydrate and nourish the skin, illuminate the complexion, and aid with age-control".  Tests revealed that on average, 73% of all trialists (out of 61 volunteers) reported far better hydrated, smoother, softer and more supple skin.

From a skin-care perspective, it contains argan oil (rich in omega oils) to nourish (so I can see it suiting dryer skins well, I can't imaging this suiting oilier skins at all, but I shall try it and see).  A combination of a plant extract and an anti-ageing ingredients combine to help firm the skin and enhance the production of collagen.  Skin radiance is assisted by the same Light-Optimizing Complex I mentioned in the Instant Concealer.  It also contains an anti-pollution complex, an antioxidant complex and a mineral-based SPF15.

From the perspective of its cosmetics ingredients, its pigments are coated with plant-based amino acids to ensure a perfect affinity with the skin (whihch aids with longer-lasting wear in general).  I'm looking forward to seeing what this feels like and wears like on my face, especially with prolonged use.  Watch this space...

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