13 Jun 2013

Yu-Be Cream: An update

Yu-Be Cream

(First published 29/08/12.  Re-posted with updates 13/06/13)

Yu-Be is supposedly the number one selling (medicated, vitamin-enriched) skin care cream in Japan.  I'm not from Japan and it has been a while since I've been there, so I am not going to argue with this assertion.

On the other hand, I can at least report back on my experience using it.

This is a concentrated, glycerin-based moisturising cream, containing vitamin E, vitamin B2 and camphor, and it's designed for "extremely dry" skins.  I purchased from an Asian site while stocking up on some coloured contact lenses and BB cream, but you can buy from Amazon and Sephora also stock it I believe.  Harvey Nicks now stock it also and I think a full-sized tube cost me €18.  [Edit: 13-06-13]

It purports to 
  1. Hydrate, heal, soothe and smooth severe dry skin 
  2. Heal split cuticles and smooth rough, dry skin on hands, elbows, knees and feet 
  3. Protect and moisturise skin exposed to cold, wind, water and sun
  4. Absorb quickly, and be good for all day or all night
  5. Contains no artificial colours or fragrances

It most definitely does (1) and (2).  It also does (3).  In terms of (4) - for such a thick cream, it also absorbs very well and very quickly, that's true, you're not left with a slick of this stuff sitting on your skin, rubbing off on everything [Edit: 13-06-13].  With respect to (5) - well, it smells to high heaven of camphor... which is not an artificial smell, but let's face it, do you want your face to smell of moth-balls?

This product is really good, no two ways about it, but I categorically would not use this on my face;  if I want my lips to smell of camphor I'll use Carmex :-).  That same ingredient (camphor) causes my face to sting, so I'll never use it as face skincare.  Let's just say I tried it once and there was a lot of hissing, cursing and yelling... followed by rapid removing and more swearing never to repeat the experience.

More readily available alternatives?  Vaseline acts as a perfectly good (and cheap) barrier for skin "exposed to cold, wind, water and sun".  Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is more or less the same ball of wax, and a lot more easily available, cheaper and doesn't smell of camphor or sting my face;  this is the one I will use on my face if I need something this strong (thankfully I can count on one or two fingers the times this has been necessary).

[This is where I have really changed my mind after having a decent sized amount to use a bit more often!]
However where this comes into its own is on dry elbows, dry or cracked heels, calloused feet that have been running around in high heels or flipflops... I can use one application of this and my elbow skin still felt silky soft up to a week later - from one application.  My heels took I believe three nights to sort themselves out.  My OH also used it (he of the extremely sensitive skin) and was equally wowed.   [Edit: 13-06-13]

I take my previous "I'll stick to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream" testimony back, thank you.  Not afraid to admit when I've been wrong.  This stuff is amazing.  [Edit: 13-06-13]

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