25 Jun 2013

essence guerilla gardening eyebrow mascara review

essence guerilla gardening brow mascaras

An absolute steal at just less than €2.50 each(!), essence's summer makeup collection, called guerilla gardening, features two "eyebrow mascaras", or brow sets.

essence guerilla gardening eyebrow mascara
02/my piece of land

There are two shades, one called 01/garden girls, for blondes, and the other, 02/my piece of land, for darker brows - I purchased the latter for review purposes.

I like brow set products for the occasional time that I haven't had time to trim my brows and I want to use a product to set them into a particular shape/direction, but they're not something I use particularly often.  In general, a spritz of a setting hairspray on a spoolie does the trick quite well (providing you use a non-sticky formulation hairspray, and not too much of it).

In the past, brow set products were clear-coloured and therefore used along side of brow products such as pencils, cake, pens, liners etc.  Newer offerings tend to be coloured but for all that, they rarely provide enough colour/coverage to fill-in your brows, unless you already have full brows and just want to tame them into submission.

This is a soft gel-based creamy formula that is not particularly wet, it doesn't drip, and dries down reasonably quickly.  I haven't found it to flake.  From the perspective of its function, it does exactly what it says it will - but note that it's not a hugely strong formula, and if you have coarse or wiry brows this product may not provide the lasting hold you may want.  I have one straggly, errant, annoyingly aberrant hair that refuses to behave in general, and after about an hour it had popped out of position yet again... On the other hand, if you have relatively fine- or medium-thickness brow hairs, this will work perfectly for you, and at a tiny price to boot.

Splodge for colour reference

In terms of the colour?  This one is a slightly cool-toned shade of brown and perfect for my brows, but to be perfectly honest, my personal preference is for a clear (non-coloured) brow set product.

Look here for more information on this collection - if you're intereseted, get it while you can, it has been available for a few weeks now (tomorrow's post will have a photo of it in action :-)).

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