22 Jan 2013

MAC 287 Brush from Après Chic Collection

MAC 287 Brush

This brush was part of the Après Chic collection from MAC that was released just at the start of the new year.  I had originally spotted this brush in the MAC Christmas 2012 Mineralize Brush set and wanted to get it to try it out.

This is a rounded paddle brush, made from a blend of both synthetic fibres and natural bristles (goat).  According to MAC it allows for a "light wash of colour".

This is definitely a good description, as that's mainly all it does - give a very light wash of colour.

I was  sadly quite disappointed with this brush.  I loved the last mineralise eye brush which was released by MAC (the 286 duo fibre), which is a fantastic all-round brush for a multiple of uses, not just as a blender brush.

The white (synthetic) fibres are quite sparse on this brush, and the black (natural) bristles are quite dense.  It's a very soft brush.  But it's nowhere near quite firm enough to use for pigments, or frosted shadows, or wet shadows.  It's not dense enough or firm enough to be used as a lay-down brush.  It is not fluffy enough to be used as a blender brush.  It does work reasonably well for cream products like Paint Pots, but it's not a necessary purchase.

Top to bottom: MAC 239, MAC 287, MAC 252
Left to right: MAC 252, MAC 287, MAC 239 
From a size comparison perspective, it's slightly bigger than the MAC 252, and a good deal thicker, however to be honest, the 252 is probably more useful for either getting a wash of colour or packing on colour.

The best use I've found for this one (the 287) so far is for concealer - and I have plenty of concealer brushes.

Look here for more information (while still available).


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