14 Jan 2013

Embryolisse Soin Lissant Contour des Yeux (Smoothing Eye Contour Care Cream)

Embryolisse Soin Lissant Contour des Yeux
(Smoothing Eye Contour Care Cream)

Having read and heard a lot about Embryolisse products, I decided to take the plunge and "pick up" some of their eye cream.  My eyes have been very very dry of late, and nothing really was helping.  This one is meant to be the daddy, the One Eye-cream to Rule Them All: the anti-aging one.

Texture-wise, this is mid-way between a lotion and a cream, leaning more towards the cream side.  It feels quite smooth and nourishing, slightly silky on the skin after application.

Claims-wise it purports to be anti-wrinke, anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness.  I don't tend to suffer much with puffy eyes, except for odd occasions after a flight or (slightly less odd occasions given the time of year) a few glasses of vino, so I can't really attest to its efficacy either way in this respect, however I do know that it's not doing dark circles or wrinkles any harm, at least (unlike some other eye creams I've used in the past, which seem to have actively encouraged heretofore unformed wrinkles to, well, form).

Application-wise, it applies easily, it doesn't drag, it doesn't require warming-up prior to use, it seems to sink into the skin nicely.  It's not fragrance-free, but the scent is slight enough and fades quickly (in general, I can't handle frangranced "stuff" on my skin).

Impression-wise, it certainly seems to moisturise underneath my eye area (in fact, I noticed that my under-eye area is very slightly more smooth feeling).

Price-wise, it doesn't cost a fortune (around €30), which would be a major plus for a good eye-cream.  "Gettability"-wise, it's a little hard to get, but you can purchase online, which I did.

Ingredients-wise?  Oh dear - it was all going so well, until I reviewed the ingredients.  Vitamin A and E, not a huge amount of them but still great.  Hyaluronic acid, hmmm, ok I can live with that (although I'm starting to feel that it's in everything lately).  Alcohol.  Under my eyes?  Really?!  Why would I volunteer to do that to myself?!  Silicones.  Aha, here we have the reason for that smooth silky feeling.  (silicones in makeup, I don't object to.  Silicones in so-called skincare products is a major no way siree bob for me).  And parabens.  Why?  Why why why does it need to contain so much gunk.  I won't be repurchasing.  All of this adds up to "stuff that will make your under-eye area feel good, and appear not-too-bad-while-it's-on", but it's not going to do anything for the actual skin there.  Shame really.


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